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  • What is the Partners in Education Program?

    • The Partners in Education Program is designed to connect business and individuals with schools in order to help improve public education by providing support for the well-being of local children and their families, for the general health of our community, and for the educational contribution to a vibrant economy.

    Why is it important?

    • Schools must prepare today’s students for their entry into a diverse, competitive workforce. When businesses take part in the education of these young people, they help strengthen the workforce of the future. The Partners in Education Program is vital in helping the community and the school system work and grow together.

    Who can become a Partner in Education?

    • Any business, organization, or community individual can actually serve as a Partner in Education. If you desire to make a difference and have the time and/or resources to invest in the lives of Calcasieu Parish students, please don’t hesitate to inquire about becoming a Partner.

    When can I become a Partner in Education?

    • Today! The sooner the better. We have Calcasieu Parish schools currently waiting for an active Partner in Education. Your impact in the lives of students can start right away.

    Where do I start?

    • Please begin by sending an email to willona.jackson@cpsb.org. Once completed, someone from the district will reach out to you. We also encourage you to review the other Partners in Education documents located on the website. These include benefits of the program, activity suggestions, and tips for successful partnerships.


    Willona Jackson
    Supervisor of Special Projects