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  • What are the Benefits?

    The Partners in Education Program is designed to connect business and individuals with schools to help sustain improvement in public education by providing support for the well-being of local children and their families, for the general health of our community, and for the educational contribution to a vibrant economy.

    For Students:

    • Positive role models
    • Opportunities for career exploration
    • Enhanced learning opportunities in non-traditional settings
    • Increased self-esteem and motivation
    • Establishment of avenues for future employment and consumer information
    • Access to the community and the business world

    For Businesses:

    • Enhanced community image
    • Intrinsic rewards for employees through the pride felt in making a positive impact
    • Tax deduction for charitable donations
    • Recognition on both school and district level
    • Positive return on education tax dollars
    • Contribution to significant development of human resources
    • Opportunities to share/showcase facilities

    For the School:

    • Increased curriculum/teaching resources and ideas
    • Shared professional training for employees
    • Improved management and leadership training opportunities
    • Greater understanding of business goals and issues
    • Recognition and support for efforts
    • Establishment of avenues to communicate education goals and issues
    • Economic education assistance
    • Morale building
    • Initiation and implementation of special programs

    For the Community:

    • Recognition of education as a joint responsibility
    • Increased parental involvement
    • Opportunities for citizens to meaningfully impact the community through the schools
    • Intrinsic rewards for citizens of all ages through the pride felt in making a positive impact