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  • Activity Suggestions

    Quality activities that improve student achievement and foster lifelong learning

    Calcasieu Parish School Board welcomes you as a supporter, asset builder, and Partner in Education promoting community engagement in our schools, community pride, and success for our students. We have compiled some suggestions as a starting point for planning your Partner in Ed. activities. Remember, these are just suggestions, and many partnerships may extend beyond this list.

    For Students:

    • Sponsor or participate in a mentor or tutor program at a CPSB school or at your site
    • Provide reading buddies or volunteers for reading programs
    • Sponsor community service or service learning projects
    • Host academic contests
    • Attend and participate in school-related functions
    • Display student artwork at your site
    • Provide classroom speakers
    • Participate in career fairs or judge a student competition
    • Offer student recognition program incentives and awards for achievements, good attendance, or improvement
    • Support teams, art and theater programs through sponsorships, coaching, or in-kind support
    • Hold school supply, uniform, or book drives
    • Sponsor extracurricular activities such as computer, math, or science clubs
    • Support field trips for CPSB students to experience post-secondary settings
    • Provide school-based or authentic experiences for students to explore careers and/or understand the relevance of their learning
    • Provide access to campus fine arts performances for CPSB students
    • Provide opportunities for “job shadowing” and/or internships
    • Host work site field trips
    • Provide demonstrations and/or tours to highlight artistic and/or technical skills
    • Allow students to design holiday cards, calendars, or covers for annual reports or other business publications
    • Conduct skills of daily living seminars to teach students etiquette, business, or other skills they will need for real world success

    For Schools:

    • Provide resources to support campus or student needs
    • Supply materials and/or financial support for student, school, or district initiatives or activities
    • Donate materials (stationary, pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, etc.)
    • Provide space for school trainings, meetings, or events
    • Provide chaperones for field trips
    • Display school related calendar/schedules at your site
    • Sponsor appreciation events
    • Recognize outstanding teachers, administrators, and support personnel
    • Sponsor and/or participate in school beautification projects like landscaping
    • Develop and maintain communication links with CPSB and your site

    For Teachers:

    • Provide educator staff development
    • Provide training for technology, or other areas of expertise
    • Sponsor an educator to attend a conference, seminar, or professional meeting
    • Host teacher appreciation event
    • For Parents and Families:
    • Provide interpreters for parent/teacher conferences
    • Sponsor family learning opportunities
    • Provide social support services that benefit families or students
    • Provide educational services that benefit families or students
    • Host parent information and education programming opportunities
    • Provide programs that promote higher education for students and parents
    • Provide financial aid seminar for parents
    • Donate gifts at Christmas time for families
    • Support extended-day/after-school programs

    For the District/Community:

    • Include information about CPSB and CPSB/school events, volunteer opportunities, and other information in corporate communications
    • Make donations to “DeWanna’s Community Closet” for families across the district
    • Partner for grant opportunities
    • Make connections to new partners
    • Host a neighborhood clean-up to enable students to earn community service hours

    For Your Employees/Community Members/Residents:

    • Provide release time for employees to volunteer in CPSB schools
    • Host a training for employees
    • Host district personnel as special event speakers at your site