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  • Tips for Success

    The Partners in Education Program is designed to connect business and individuals with schools to help sustain improvement in public education by providing support for the well-being of local children and their families, for the general health of our community, and for the educational contribution to a vibrant economy.

    Communication is Key

    The single most important factor in building and maintaining a successful partnership is communication. Positive, frequent, and regularly scheduled communication keeps partnerships focused.

    Share Excitement

    Regular meetings should be interesting, upbeat, and carefully orchestrated for efficiency in time management. During busy times, take advantage of telephone conferences.

    Ask Questions

    Schools, businesses, civic groups, churches, etc. are all unique in operations, personnel, and industry jargon. Don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation when something is unclear.

    Be Honest

    Each partner needs to know what is expected and what can be expected in return. Keep plans simple and goals realistic. If something is not working, evaluate the situation as soon as possible and revise as necessary. Be innovative, and don’t be afraid to try new ideas.

    Reach Out

    Involve as many people as possible on both sides of the partnership. Increased positive support is a direct result of feeling a part of the project. Shared responsibility keeps the momentum going and lessens complacency.

    Ask for Help

    Partnerships have such a positive effect that partners are reluctant to bring up concerns. Do you need to improve student morale or attendance? Would your company like to be better known within the school community? Working together will yield positive results and progress for the partners as well as the entire community.