Kindergarten Math Tips

First Grade Math Tips

  • When subtracting, remind the students they are counting backwards.   When counting backwards, the numbers get smaller.  Touchpoints are also helpful when subtracting.                    

                                                      -Amanda LeJeune


Second Grade Math Tips

  • Tips

    What is a bundle? Bundling is also called grouping. This is a way to group numbers by putting the smaller units together to make a larger one. For instance, putting 10 ones together makes 1 ten. Putting 10 tens together makes 1 hundred.

    -Tina Louviere

Third Grade Math Tips

  • When looking at an array. we use the number of rows as the first number in the Math fact.  For example, 3 x 4 is three rows of four.


    For rounding by tens use a number to show your child which ten they are rounding off is closer to.  This will help them see the answer.

                                                                      -Bridget Richard

Fourth Grade Math Tips

Fifth Grade Math Tips

  • Fluency in basic math facts is a must, so why not use techonology to help your child with this skill?  For instance, is full of useful tools, including a link to flashcards for all four basic math operations.  They will love how interactive this website is, and it works for any grade level!

                                                              -Brandon Pleasant

                                                               5th Grade