• TELC (Technology Enriched Learning Centers)
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    F.K. White is leading the way into a future that can only be brought on by thinking so far out of the box effectively so, that the box no longer exists. We are committed to teaching and integrating truly advanced technology. 
    Video Productions

    Thoughtfully designed and applied use of technology in teaching can make learning more effective, provide much needed flexibility and efficiency, and can result in greater success and satisfaction for students and faculty alike. To address the learning needs of an increasingly diverse student population, our teachers offer personalized instruction that can help students prosper and meet educator goals.

    Along with the web 2.0+ tools our teachers incorporate into the learning environment everyday we are going even further into technology integration. We are now exploring technology tools seen only before in professional and higher education institutions.

    Our students will be developing and creating content through the Adobe software suite. See http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html. Adobe CC in conjunction with the physical tools will bring a deeper knowledge of professional tools designed to integrate higher education fundamentals to develop competencies that will enable our students to effectively select and use technology tools and resources. We recognize that supporting our students with the instructional integration of information technology is critical for improving workforce capacity and providing a foundation for building a bridge to our community that will allow our students to compete in today's changing economic environments. The juxtaposition of our curriculum and the tools used will create a learning environment that is truly TELC. 
    Technology Tools your school is exploring:
    Adobe CC (the entire suite)
    Chroma Keying
    Aerial video and photography
    Green Screen Visualization
    Computer Programming
    Advanced sfx w/ video production