Force and Motion

  • Teacher Notes: Independent/Partner Activity – If there is not enough technology to use, partners can be used to share tech, or you can show the video to all, then have students take turns using tech to type notes.

    Teacher should be walking around classroom, monitoring students with technology.

    Teacher’s name/email: Keisha Pearson–

    School: Western Heights Elementary

    Louisiana State Standard: Physical Science – GLE 9: Demonstrate a change in speed or direction of an object’s motion with the use of unbalanced forces (PS-M-B5)

    Grade Level/Subject: 5th Grade Science

    Special Directions/Considerations: Students with accommodations will need to complete with teacher in a small group.

    Activity Evaluation: Teacher Made Rubric (on student notes, participation, following directions, etc.)

    Prerequisites for students: Students will need prior knowledge of how to use Google Chrome, as well as Microsoft Word. Students will also need to know how to maneuver around

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