• Re-assessed and adopted May 2006

    The objectives for the educational program of Barbe High School are as follows:

    1. To provide quality education, emphasizing preparation for college or employment after high school graduation.
    2. To help students, through counseling, appraise their abilities realistically in order to make wise choices and better prepare themselves for their chosen vocations.
    3. To help students develop a sense of personal pride, a well-defined set of values in keeping with those of the community, and an attitude of self confidence and independence.
    4. To encourage the development of individuals who strive for excellence by providing an atmosphere where creativity is actively sought.
    5. To foster a joy of learning and an appreciation of aesthetic values.
    6. To encourage feelings of patriotism, school spirit, tolerance, and altruism, as well as an appreciation of the privilege of living in a democratic society.
    7. To help students develop leadership skills, self-direction, and self-discipline while learning to work effectively with others through a program of student-centered activities which allow for individual interests, talents, and abilities.
    8. To provide the means for students to maintain sound mental and physical health.
    9. To take account of changing conditions and to modify the educational offerings as circumstances seem to demand.
    10. To to provide students with an environment and physical facilities that are conducive to effective learning situations.