1. When a student is absent, a note from a parent, guardian, or doctor is required to "excuse" the absence and allow the student to make up work missed.
    2. Notes from parents and guardians are to be taken directly to the students 1st period teacher.
      • Notes from parents should include:
        ** The first name & last name of the student
        ** The first name & last name of the parent
    3. Students with doctor's excuses should take them to the Attendance Office for validation.
    4. Students returning from a suspension will receive a blue admit slip from the attendance office.


    1. If a student will be missing school for an educational trip, the principal must approve those days IN ADVANCE.
    2. Please submit a request for the trip to be excused. Include a day-to-day list of the educational events that will take place on the trip. This request should be submitted to the principal at least two weeks prior to the trip.

    Reminder: Excused means the student will be allowed to do make-up work. The absences still count in the overall total. Students who miss more than 5 days in a semester may lose credit for that semester.