Exploring Exponential Models

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    Teacher’s name/email: Susan Pennington/susan.pennington@cpsb.org
    School: Vinton High
    Louisiana State Standard: I1.1.1 The student will recognize, describe, and extend patterns and functional relationships that are expressed numerically, algebraically, and geometrically. 1.1.2 The student will represent patterns and functional relationships in a table, as a graph, and/or by mathematical expressions. 1.2.4 The student will describe how the graphical model of a non-linear function represents a given problem and will estimate the solution. 3.1.1 The student will design and/or conduct an investigation that uses statistical methods to analyze data and communicate results. 3.2.1 The student will make informed decisions and predictions based upon the results of simulations and data from research.
    Grade Level/Subject:  Algebra 2