• Gifted, Talented Visual Arts, and Advanced Placement Department


    The Calcasieu Parish Gifted, Talented Visual Arts, and Advanced Placement Programs provide services for approximately 2,000 students in grades K-12.  Unique learning opportunities are offered to gifted and high-ability learners across the district at multiple sites through a variety of unique programming modules.

    ·         Gifted Education Program:

    o   Students must be identified gifted to participate in this program.

    o   The Pull Out Enrichment Program for K-5 students is offered at five centers in the district.  Students attend the nearest center one day per week and are offered instructional activities that enhance their intellectual functioning, address the unique social/emotional needs, their creativity, and heighten their leadership abilities.

    o   The Middle School Academic Program offers compaction and acceleration of curriculum in both Math and English Language Arts.  Most students are provided services on their campus while other students are bussed to the nearest Middle School campus offering this service.

    o   The High School Program offers Gifted and Advanced Placement classes in a variety of academic subjects.  Opportunities are offered on high school campuses.

    ·         Advanced Placement Program:

    o   This allows students to earn college credit while still in high school.

    o   Students are required to follow a course curriculum that is prescribed by the College Board and to pass a test on the subject matter.

    ·         Talented Visual Arts Program:

    o   Students must be evaluated and identified as exceptional to participate in this program.

    o   A Pull Out Program as well as an on-site program is available for students in grades K-12.  Carnegie Units are awarded for students participating in the High School Program.


    Please visit the appropriate links for more information about each of these programs as well as contact information.