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    Talented Visual Art
      Identification Process 
    • A student may be referred for screening by school based personnel or their parent. 
    • Once the request has been made, a Parent packet is sent home that includes a letter to the parent, explanation of the Portfolio requirement, a Student Data Sheet, and a Parent Rating scale to be completed by the parent and returned to the school counselor.
    • The completed packets (includes the Parent Packet and the School Screening Packet) are then forwarded to the Talented Visual Art Department (Gifted and Advanced Studies) to be reviewed.
    • If the student qualifies to continue with the screening process, the student will be required to bring a "portfolio" of work on the day of the screening.
    • Once the screening is complete and the student qualifies for the final State evaluation process, testing will be arranged.
    Screening is done on a continual basis throughout the year; however, final evaluations are conducted twice during the school year by State evaluators.