Intro to the Environment

Task Card Overview
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    Teacher’s name/email: Phillip Clophus/
    School: Sulphur High
    Louisiana State Standard:

    • Evaluate whether a resource is renewable by analyzing its relative regeneration time (SE-H-B1)
    • Analyze data to determine the effect of preservation practices compared to conservation practices for a sample species (SE-H-B2)
    • Identify the factors that cause the inequitable distribution of Earth’s resources (e.g., politics, economics, climate) (SE-H-B3)
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of natural resource management in Louisiana (SE-HB4) (SE-H-B5)
    • Analyze data to determine when reuse, recycling, and recovery are applicable (SE-H-B5)
    • Identify the factors that affect sustainable development (SE-H-B6) Environmental Awareness and Protection

    Grade Level/Subject: High School/Environmental Science


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