Scientific Method Project

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    Teacher’s Name/Email: David Blank/
    School: Barbe High School
    Louisiana State Standard: 1. Write a testable question or hypothesis when given a topic (SI-H-A1) 2. Describe how investigations can be observation, description, literature survey, classification, or experimentation (SI-H-A2) 3. Plan and record step-by-step procedures for a valid investigation, select equipment and materials, and identify variables and controls (SI-H-A2) 4. Conduct an investigation that includes multiple trials and record, organize, and display data appropriately (SI-H-A2) 5. Utilize mathematics, organizational tools, and graphing skills to solve problems (SIH-A3) 6. Use technology when appropriate to enhance laboratory investigations and presentations of findings (SI-H-A3) 7. Choose appropriate models to explain scientific knowledge or experimental results (e.g., objects, mathematical relationships, plans, schemes, examples, role-playing, computer simulations) (SI-H-A4) 8. Give an example of how new scientific data can cause an existing scientific explanation to be supported, revised, or rejected (SI-H-A5) 9. Write and defend a conclusion based on logical analysis of experimental data (SI-HA6) (SI-H-A2) 10. Given a description of an experiment, identify appropriate safety measures (SI-H-A7)
    Grade Level/Subject: Physical Science


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