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    Redeeming Tech Points
    When you want to redeem points, create a new Incident IQ help ticket and select "Other Requests", select "Tech Points", then select the item. You will be notified by a ticket update (via email) when your equipment is ready to be picked up.

    Tech Points Store-Revised Points as of July 2023

    One roll of Makerbot Filament (specify color-red, blue, yellow, or white) 10 pts
    Apple TV (4th Generation, 32 GB) 15 pts
    Document Camera (AVER 5MP USB) 15 pts
    Ozobot Evo Educator Entry kit 15 pts
    Makey Makey educator kit 15 pts
    Apple Pencil 15 pts
    Noise cancelling headset with microphone 15 pts
    LittleBits Base Inventor Kit or Electronic Music Inventor Kit (Limited Inventory)
    20 pts
    Sphero bolt 20 pts.
    Sphero Indi 20 pts.
    iPad 25 pts
    Student Laptop 55 pts
    Teacher Laptop 65 pts
    Makerbot Sketch Classroom 3D Printer 70 pts

    Tech Point Policy
    This equipment is the property of the teacher as long as she/he remains an employee of CPSB. When the teacher leaves the parish, the equipment must be returned to the CPSB Technology Department. Tech Points are individually earned and redeemed. They are not transferable.

    Questions? pam.nicholson@cpsb.org