• Welcome to the wonderful, exhausting, but ever so rewarding world of band parenthood. It's hard to believe but your student is halfway through their journey toward graduation and adulthood.


    (Let that sink in for a moment.)


    This is not only an incredible opportunity for your student to better themselves through music, this is a major opportunity for you to connect and grow with your child on a personal level by sharing and supporting their love of music. Soon enough your students will begin to search for their place in our community, and society as a whole, and music will go a long way to ensure they are as prepared as anyone can be to tackle life's challenges with success.


    The directors invite you to participate in your child's musical experience, as much as you would like to participate. Help chaperon our many trips. Stage performances in the living room at home. No matter how you choose to participate or how often you can spare the time, anytime you do will show your child that you support them and that music is an important part of an enriched life.

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Last Modified on February 17, 2022