Specialty Teams and Services

  • Program Facilitators support teachers in the development, implementation, and monitoring of IEPs, implementing the curriculum in the SPED settings and ensuring that all SPED student’s IEP goals and objectives are being addressed in the LRE. Their function also includes implementing effective methods to address student’s needs and maintaining an ongoing system of communication with regular education teachers, special education teachers, & Administrators ensuring that we are meeting the needs of our special education students

  • The role of a Behavior Facilitator is to provide direct support to administrators and teachers when significant behaviors are exhibited by our SPED students.  Through the BF, teachers and support staff receive counsel on the best practice procedures and effective interventions in addressing challenging behaviors of students with disabilities that are in line with IDEA mandates.  Services may include professional development in classroom management, models of positive behavior, writing and implementing Behavior Goals/Plans, Crisis Plans, FERBS, Social Skill Instruction, and much more.  Their purpose is to ensure an educational environment that maximizes learning and safety for all.

    Behavior Facilitators
    Pamela Edward, Allison Istre, Megan Telles
    Behavior  Itinerants
    Cory Dotson

  • The Autism team is spearheaded by Lead Autism Facilitator, Ms. Beth Doucet and serves as a support for teachers of students with ASD.  Their objective is accomplished through assisting with proactive programming in school settings, connecting professionals with materials and resources to ensure success, as well as collaborative work with the administration and school staff in challenging situations.

     The mission of the team is to support, guide, educate and nurture all students with Autism.

  • Contact us at 217-4300, Locate a support personnel extension as listed: 

    Program Facilitators

    Winnie Battle,  Ext. 3626

    Lisha Langston,  Ext. 3643

    Elizabeth Mccullor,  Ext. 3724

    Teena McElveen,  Ext. 3638

    Alicia Istre,  Ext.3641

    Margaret Taylor,  Ext.3796

    Gerard Semien,  Ext.3634

    Jeremy Grant, Ext. 3741

    Behavior Facilitators

    Donna Gros,  Ext. 3756

    Alaina Egnatuk,  Ext. 3765

    Staci Bebee, Ext. 3628

    District Intervention Content Leaders

    Middle schools- Saige Stelly, Ext. 5331

    High schools- Kelly McMahon, Ext. 3644