Department of Special Services-Middle/ High School

  • Contact Information

    Ms. Wendy Hill,
    Supervisor-Middle/High School Dept. of Special Services
    Special Services Annex Bldg.
    JD Clifton Elementary
    Lake Charles, LA 70601-6327
    Telephone: (337) 217-4300
    Fax: (337) 217-4301


  • The Calcasieu Parish School Board Middle/ High Department of Special Services is dedicated to servicing 12 middle schools, 12 high schools and two alternative sites. Our department is committed to supporting administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and counselors to ensure that every special education student meets their full potential.  By providing training in and out of the classroom, behavioral supports, and guidance through IDEA compliance, we strive to build partnerships with our department, schools, and parents. 

  • What is Transition?

    Transition for students with disabilities is the process of moving from one state in life to another
     (e.g., high school activities to adult life activities) and establishing a planning process that includes a coordinated set of supportive activities that will prepare students with disabilities to successfully live their adult life in the community of their choice.  IDEA mandates that students with disabilities are legally entitled to pubic educational services through a local school system from birth through age twenty-one. After students leave school, this entitlement ends.  Students must be declared eligible for adult agency services based on agency guidelines.  If an agency determines that an individual is ineligible for their services, that individual has a right to appeal that determination.  Agency personnel should inform individuals of their agency’s appeal process; however, if they do not, that individual should ask about an appeal process.  Because many of these agencies have waiting lists, it is important to start the eligibility process for transition services early