• tech binder

    A collection of all important technology documents for administrators.

Things "To Do"

Fixed Assets - Tech Devices

  • Transferring Assets

    • For all asset transfers of iPads, Laptops, Desktops and Promethean boards, simply put in a ticket. Look for the "Fixed Assets" category.
    • For bulk transfers, you can upload a spreadsheet containing the serial numbers and new locations/owners

    Assigning Owners

    • Your school admins and tech contacts can assign owners.  There is no need to put in a ticket.
    • All assets should have an owner.

    Salvage Information

    • You can review the Salvage process here.


    • Device fees follow students until graduation.
    • Device fees should be in Incident IQ and also JCAMPUS.
    • Please check fees owed for incoming students.
    • Students are responsible for student assigned device fees.  Schools are resposible for replacement fees for non student devices.



Brochures & Flyers

Emergency Preparedness & Contact Info