• CPSB Alternative Programs - HOSPITAL/HOMEBOUND
    1509 Enterprise Blvd., Lake Charles, LA 70601

    Hospital Homebound placement is an option for students who are unable to attend regular classes due to physical or mental illness or injury which results in the student’s absence from school for at least 10 days. The inability to attend school must be verified by a licensed physician, however, the physician's referral does not guarantee placement.  Homebound instruction is intended to be temporary. The “temporary” requirement is based on the premise that instruction should take place in the school setting to the fullest extent possible. The goal of homebound services is to facilitate the student’s return to the classroom setting. The student must be enrolled in schools within Calcasieu Parish School Board and is expected to return to school after the temporary placement. Hospital/homebound placement is also an alternative setting for the provision of special education services to students with disabilities who, due to the severity or medical condition of their disability, may be served in a hospital or home environment under parental or adult supervision

    Dr. Betty Washington  
    Administrative Director of Special Services
    1618 Mill Street, Lake Charles LA 70601
    PH: 337.217.4980 Ext 2706

    Jackie Shelton 

    Hospital/Homebound Coordinator 
    1509 Enterprise Blvd., Lake Charles, LA 70601
    PH: 337.217.4980 Ext 3607

    Christina Spikes 
    Administrative Assistant (Special Services/Alternative Programs Office)
    1618 Mill Street, Lake Charles LA 70601
    PH: 337.217.4980 Ext 2706

    Nel Colquitt  
    Clerk, (Hospital/Homebound Office)
    1509 Enterprise Blvd., Lake Charles, LA 70601
    PH: 337.217.4980 Ext. 3607

    FX: 337.217.4311

    Hospital Homebound Sites/Teachers

    Boy's Village
    7378 U.S. 90, Lake Charles, LA‎70615
    PH 337.436.7553

    Stanley Baptiste
    Shana Martin 
    Markus Spiller
    Sharon Tolin
    Kari Navarra (Para-professional)

    Methodist Children's Home of SWLA 
    3029 N. Beglis Pkwy., Sulphur, LA 70663
    PH 337.527.5056

    Kristen Gorum
    Monica Miller
    Dr. Royce Zant

    Detention Center
    3615 E. Prien Lake Rd., Lake Charles, LA 70615
    PH 337.721.3956

    Malcolm Boatner
    Samuel Gradnigo
    Elizabeth Griffin (Zero Tolerance)
    Joi Reed 
    Shimeka Washington (Paraprofessional)

    Harbour House
    2400 Merganser St., Lake Charles, LA 70615
    PH 337. 990.0032

    Doris Mayne
    Len Lemelle

    Hospital Homebound Itinerant Teachers
    Lake Charles- Boston Academy

    1509 Enterprise Blvd., Lake Charles, LA 70601
    PH 337.217.4300

    Terrilyn Banks
    Karen Clifton
    Kevin Crawford
    Dorsey Guice
    Maegan Guidry
    Camella Hardy
    Kelli Hardy
    Lisa Hill 
    Kim Monk 
    Tracey Rust
    Ellen Smith
    Shalom Thompson

    School Age Mother's (SAM)
    1605 Foster St., Lake Charles, LA 70601
    PH 337.439.1343

    Marla Hypolite

    Other Itinerant - Spanish
    Art Garcia