• Chem Logo

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Rebecca White

    Web address to ACS Website designated for High School Chemistry: https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.acs.org%2Fcontent%2Facs%2Fen%2Feducation%2Fstudents%2Fhi

    We take applications for new members in April for the upcoming school year.  There is a $20 new-membership fee which includes their club t-shirt.  When students apply in April, they must be signed up for a Chemistry class for the upcoming year (or haven already taken Chemistry).  Freshmen do not take Chemistry I, therefore our new members are either Sophomores or Juniors depending on which year they take Chemistry I.   Returning members only pay a $10 renewal membership fee.  We are limited to the number of students we can take into the club due to safety requirements in the Chemistry Laboratory. 

    Design for our club tshirt (We never change it…it’s a long sleeve white shirt to look like a lab coat).   The art is submitted by Hot off the Press and they make our t-shits each year.  I’ve attached the artwork if you want to add to website.


    Annual activities that we participate in: 

    1. Each October, Chem Club members volunteer to work the Chem Expo  (Mr. Lang brings some of his kids too, so it’s not just chem expo in the photo attached).  This photo is labeled Chem Expo 18  (I have previous years group photos if you want more photos, just let me know)  Chem Expo was held on October 25th 2018 for this school year.


    1. Since 2017, Barbe High has received a Community Outreach grant from American Chemical Society (ACS) … we call the event CHEMAPALOOZA and it is held each March at SJ Welsh.  High School Chem Club Members perform & explain the concepts of various demonstrations.   There are also three hands-on experiments that the middle school students conduct under the direct instruction of the highschool chem club members.  Pipetting a chemical, reading a graduated cylinder correctly, identifying signs of a chemical reaction, measuring temperature differences in an exothermic and endothermic reaction, exploring the factors that affect the rates of a reaction and measuring the time it takes for a reaction to reach completion when concentrations are changed are just some of the lab techniques and science concepts that middle school students will have the opportunity to explore.   We do various “Green Chemistry” (Environmentally safe experiments – some on a microscale level) in conjunction with St. Patricks Day … which is why we hold Chemapalooza the Friday closest to St. Patricks Day.