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  • Accelerated Reader

    Track your child’s progress from home with “Home Connect”

    Parents, you now have access to your child’s AR information with

    Home Connect. Use this address:


    Type the username and password that you child uses to take AR quizzes at school.

    The goal is for every student to maintain an overall AR average of 85% or higher.

     In order to achieve success in the AR Program, students need to keep their average at 85% or higher. You can also get immediate results of AR tests and scores by signing up to receive email alerts.

    (You can make the icons a hot link for the parents to connect too.

Lunch Menu

  • 11/20/2018

    Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

  • 11/21/2018

    Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

  • 11/22/2018

    Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

  • 11/23/2018

    Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

  • 11/26/2018

    Sweet Cinnamon Toast & Yogurt

    Amazing Applesauce

    Assorted Juices

    Ice-Cold Milk


    Kickin' Chicken Nuggets

    Mac & Cheese

    Mixed Vegetables

    Box of Raisins

    Great Green Beans

    Ice-Cold Milk