• "According to the largest-ever study of the effects of AP on college success, University of Texas researchers found that students who take AP courses in high school are more likely to graduate from college within four years and have higher grade point averages in college than similar students who did not take AP courses."
    What is the Advanced Placement Program?

    The Advanced Placement Program is a voluntary program that offers students an opportunity to take one or more college level course while still in high school. 
    Who can take Advanced Placement courses?

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are for any and all students who are inquisitive and motivated.  As a student you need a strong interest in the subject you want to take and a willingness to work.
    What are the benefits of taking Advanced Placement Courses?

                         Advanced Placement courses help the student become better prepared for their  future.                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Former CPSB Student:
    "I cannot even begin to explain how much I benefited from taking AP courses in high school.  I took AP American History, Calculus, and Biology.  I had to learn how to study effectively and also get used to having more of a work load. 
    Since I went into Pre-Veterinary medicine in college, AP Biology was of the most benefit for me.  My first Biology class in college was EXACTLY what we covered in AP; there were no surprises!  I definitely had to put those study skills to use, but I was glad that I had already learned the most effective study methods for me by taking AP classes. 
    I would advise any student with a college future to seriously consider AP classes; they make your first year of college a little easier to handle!"