• Book Club

     OAK PARK Elementary


    The mission of the Oak Park Elementary Book Club is to encourage reading and creative writing.  We will provide a safe environment where reading, literary discussion and illustration can take place in a respectful and innovative manner.


    • Encourage reading, writing and illustration
    • Make reading and writing a social experience as well as an individual activity
    • Develop verbal expression of ideas and feelings
    • Encourage critical thinking
    • Develop the feeling of belonging to a group, being respected, and treating other group members with respect
    • Bond with others of similar age
    • Time for reflection
    • Time for sharing
    • Time for exploration
    • A chance to see others in a new way
    • An opportunity to see literature in a new way


    Club members are responsible for reading the book month.  All books are previewed and selected by the Librarian.  Although student input is encouraged, the Librarian has final say on book selections.  During the meetings, the Librarian provides initial questions and directs and guides the discussion as needed.  It is expected, however, that discussions are primarily student led.


    Membership in Book Club is open to 3rd – 5th grade Oak Park Elementary school students and faculty.  New members can join throughout the year by contacting the Librarian.  To remain an active member, a participant can miss no more than two meeting per month. 


    Based on attendance at each session, participants are divided into groups of approximately five members.  Time is allotted at the end of each meeting for members to reconvene as a whole and share final thoughts.  Participation is
    encouraged, but not required, during the monthly discussions.  Members must agree to abide by the Book Club Manners to ensure courteous discourse.  Each member is required to sign up to bring a snack to share
    at one of the monthly meetings. 


    Book Club meets after school on Thursdays.  The sessions last from 2:45 p.m. to approximately 3:30 p.m.  The Library is closed during this time.

       General Meeting Format

    1. Time is given for members to share their impressions of the book.
    2. Members are organized into small groups. 
    3. The Librarian introduces a general discussion question.
    4. When needed, the Librarian guides discussion in the groups and provides additional questions for consideration.
    5. Members reconvene as a whole group to share final thoughts of the book.

       Book Club Manners

    • Meetings start promptly at 2:45 p.m. Please be on time.
    • Bring your book and discussion ideas to every meeting.
    • The person with the “microphone” has permission to speak. Wait your turn to speak and do not interrupt.
    • Be courteous of others' viewpoints. Disagreements are okay, but rudeness is not.
    • Allow everyone in your group an equal opportunity to contribute. No one person should monopolize the conversation.
    • Stay on topic during conversations.
    • Be responsible in bringing in your snack on the assigned day.







    I promise to:

       P   repare for book club by reading.

       R   espect others by listening to and appreciating their  

               points of view.

       O   ffer my opinion—because what I think matters!

       M  ake the most of meetings by joining in and having a positive attitude.

        I   nclude everyone in the discussion.

       S   upport fellow members by keeping what is said in our meetings private.

       E   njoy myself  and have FUN!


    I hereby pledge to keep the BOOK CLUB PROMISE and be the best member of the Book Club that I can be.



    Signed: __________________________  Date: ____________


    MKaren Lee, Librarian 2013-14








    Officer's Duties

    1. Opens and presides over all meetings
    2. Roll call of book teams
    3. Conduct sign-ups for library activities; make sure we have enough members involved to do fundraisers, trips, and other group activities.
    4. Plans meetings with Librarian.

       Vice President

    1. Conducts meetings when president is unable to
    2. Attends to details: Makes sure we have set up and clean up teams for meetings and activities
    3. Helps president with whatever duties President wishes to delegate
    4. Welcomes new members and makes everyone feel welcome to the meetings
       Secretary /Assistant Secretary
    1. Takes notes at all regular meetings
    2. Posts the meeting reminders around school.
    3. Handles club correspondence, thank you notes, etc.


    1.     In charge of developing a pictorial and written record of the highlights of the year

    2.    Incorporates an all-year effort in collecting and recording events

    3.      Collects photos, written reports, clippings and other materials into a scrapbook