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Art Programs Available

  • ART I -IV

    Students engage in a variety of 2-D and 3-D art experiences that encompass art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and production.   A variety of media and techniques are explored to develop quality works for student portfolios.  Students attend classes two (2) hours daily, earning a Carnegie Unit, one full credit each semester, for each course successfully completed Art I, Art II, Art III and /or Art IV.  This makes it possible for students who successfully complete all requirements for Art I and II (fall) and Art III and IV (spring) to earn two (2) Carnegie Units in the same school year.

    AP Studio Art/2-D Design

    The AP Studio Art 2- D Design course is designed as a college level 2-D Design class providing teacher direction and guidance toward student growth in the visual arts.  AP Studio Art is an academically rigorous class. Students who elect to take this course should be self-motivated and self-directed as well as cooperative, responsible art students. This course is especially directed toward those preparing art portfolios for college entrance. Critiques, written analyses, artist statements, out of class assignments and completion of the AP portfolio will be required. While enrolled in this course, students will have an opportunity to complete a portfolio of their best work for submission to and review by the College Board. Students will submit this portfolio in May at a date set by the College Board.  Students interested in AP Studio Art should register for Pre AP Studio Art – Fall Semester, and for AP Studio Art - Spring Semester.  Students earn one Carnegie unit for each semester completed successfully. One additional quality point may be earned if students receives a passing score of three (3) or above from AP College Board for successful submission all required portfolios.

    Talented Art I, II, III, IV (Special Education- Gifted/Talented)

    Talented Visual Art I, II, III and IV (one full credit) Fall –OR -Spring Semester for two hours daily. Offered to talented art students in grades 9- 12 who meet the criteria for eligibility as established by the Louisiana Department of Education. This course will introduce students to basic creative thinking skills, the elements of art, art history, and the principles of design. Students will be required to develop analytical skills as they critique their own art and the art of others. Students will be required to select their best work for portfolio inclusion, exhibition, and competition and be able to defend their choices.

    Talented Visual Art K-8 (Special Education - Gifted/Talented)

    K-8 Elementary and Middle school students who meet the criteria for eligibility as established by the Louisiana Department of Education.  Students are served for one to two hours every other week. The program strives to develop the student’s natural artistic abilities through the study and application of a variety of drawing, painting, and three dimensional art materials and techniques.  Students are encouraged to develop their own unique personal styles and expression in making their artworks.  Students are introduced to professional artistic practices, art history, theory, and criticism.