Types of Virtual Program Students:

    Category 1: Full time online students – entering from a CPSB school, all courses are taken online.

    Category 2: Part time online students – students attend classes at their zoned school along with online courses offered at LCBA Virtual Program.

     Criteria for LCBA Virtual Program Enrollment:

    • Student must be enrolled in a Calcasieu Parish School System high
    • Students who are deficient in credits
    • Other reasons deemed necessary by the zoned high school


    Registration Process for LCBA Virtual Program:

     There are 2 enrollment windows for each school year:

    Fall Enrollment Period: 1 week prior & 2 weeks after the start of the school year

    Spring Enrollment Period: Seniors only – 2 weeks prior to the start of the Spring semester

    Open Registration – 1st week of the Spring semester

    The high school counselor sends the application to ACEONLINE for approval.

    Grading System

    Grading will follow the regular CPSB grading scale: High School Grading Scale

    100% - 93% = A

    92% - 85% = B

    84% - 75% = C

    74% -67% = D

    66% or below = U

    For more information, see the Calcasieu Virtual Academy or LCBA VP – Handbooks.