• Freshman Academy

    We heard the call and we saw a need.  The dedicated, caring, diversified and patient Washington-Marion Magnet High School Freshman Academy Dream Team answered the call.  Our goal and mission is to give the students safety while allowing them to see their potential.  We help them become acclimated to the complex world of high school. We offer our presence and we pledge to be with them.  We want to know how they would handle a crisis or situation and we will assist them in overcoming any obstacle.  We meet our students where they are.  We strive for their justice because we believe in them.

    We are very excited about the progress and promise of our students. They are very creative and talented individuals.  We meet everyday to discuss positive interventions and strengths of our students.  We will continue to grow and learn along with our students to create a positive environment and to enrich the lives of the young people that we have the honor to teach.