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  • Dear Parents:

    We are very excited about the music program at Maplewood Middle School. The success we enjoy is a direct reflection of the students who participate in our music education curriculum. It is a particular delight to have your child as a part of our musical family. 


    There are many benefits that result from the study of music. The aesthetic joys of music making cannot be duplicated in any other art form; it is a communication unto itself. It has also been found that the study of music strengthens the mind's learning potential. The students who are part of a music program tend to achieve at higher levels in all areas of school. Simply put: music makes better students, and music makes students better.


    Ongoing research continues to offer dramatic statistics concerning young people who participate in their school music programs. In the 1997 publication, Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, (from The College Board), it was discovered that, "Students with course work experience in music performance scored 89 points higher on the SAT tests than students with no course work in the arts." This kind of information clearly and positively marks the future of our young musicians. 


    Parents need to know that their child's educational experience is designed to create a solid foundation. This foundation may be used for advanced education and, more importantly, as a training ground for developing successful life-patterns. The very qualities that are essential for success in business and education, such as analytical skills, self-discipline, communication skills and creative thinking are the foundation blocks of our music program. What your child is learning in music is preparing them for a more prosperous and enjoyable life.


    Thank you for your patronage to the arts and to our music program. You help us make a positive difference.


    In the interest of your child,

    Kyle Cook

    Director of Band


    337-217-4920 ext. 6920

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