• The Calcasieu Parish School Board recognizes that peer sexual harassment is a form of prohibited discrimination and can contribute to unacceptable work and educational environments. The Board, therefore, will not tolerate sexual harassment by any student toward another student.

    Every school shall educate its student population and staff concerning the Board’s intolerance of such harassment and shall require students and staff members to report any such behavior to the school administrator.  Additional reporting options are listed in CPSB’s Policy JCED.  Harassment policy information shall be disseminated to the student population.

    Formal procedures for student-to-student sexual harassment and other Title IX complaints can be found in CPSB’s Policy JCED.  A Title IX Sexual Harassment investigation must be conducted, completed, and sexual harassment determined by district-level personnel before disciplinary consequences are delivered for sexual harassment.

    Questions about the protocols, timelines, and/or procedures for the Title IX investigative process can be directed to the Title IX Coordinator.  That contact information is listed below.


    Dr. Felicia Coleman
    CPSB Title IX Coordinator
    Email: felicia.coleman@cpsb.org
    Phone:  337.217.4300  Extension 3618