• REPORT CARDS: At the end of each nine weeks report cards will be handed out during 7th hour classes. At any time during the nine weeks, parents or students may check grades and view the report card on-line using the Student Progress Center (SPC). SPC may also be used to check attendance and discipline for the student.






    100 – 93

    4.0 – 3.5


    92 – 85

    3.4 – 2.5


    84 – 75

    2.4 – 1.5


    74 – 67

    1.4 – 1.0


    66 – 0

    0.9 – 0.0

    PROGRESS REPORTS: Students will receive three week progress reports throughout each grading period.

    END OF COURSE TESTING: Students must rate Fair, Good, or Excellent on the following EOC tests to graduate with any diploma: Algebra I (Algebra I Part II) or Geometry; English II or English III; and Biology or US History.

     FAILURE TO MAINTAIN PROFICIENCY: In no case should a pupil be allowed to feel that the final marking period, the final nine weeks of the course, is unimportant or that it will have no bearing on his/ her final grade. In fact, the performance of each pupil during the final nine weeks is expected to reflect and approach the degree of proficiency comparable to the quality of work he/ she has maintained throughout the year, or his/ her work for the course will be considered unsatisfactory. In other words, if a child deliberately refuses to participate during the final nine weeks of the course, or if he/ she does not put forth a sincere effort on the final tests, this may be considered sufficient reason to report his/ her work as failure for the period or session.


    Mid-Term and Final exams will be given during the second and fourth nine weeks grading periods and will count as a percentage of the grade for that marking period. Students who make an A each marking period prior to the final exam may be exempt from the final exam for whole credit courses. Any student who has perfect attendance in all seven (7) classes may also be exempt from the final exam.