Superintendent of Schools


    I am honored to serve as the new Superintendent for the Calcasieu Parish School Board. I have worked for the Calcasieu Parish School Board since 1997, serving as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Academic Officer. My wife, Angie, and I have three children – Courtney, Madison, and Logan – and I am proud to say that all three are products of CPSB.


    My thirty-two years in education have seen many changes, but the last two years have seen a significant shift in how we deliver and receive educational services. Emerging from this shift is how we integrate and leverage technological devices, platforms, and resources so that we can amplify the instruction in the classroom and provide access outside the classroom. We are committed to literacy efforts and in providing a high-quality curriculum delivered by highly qualified teachers.  In today’s world, our education environments must create opportunities for innovation, creativity, curiosity, and exploration that are grounded in foundational literacies necessary for all learners to flourish. We must empower and inspire our students, our teachers and staff, our leaders, and our communities to continue the commitment to the next generation of learners so that they are prepared for today’s jobs and jobs of the future.


    In our quest to provide this environment for our students, we must prepare and plan extensively to ensure that our campuses are safe and secure to the greatest extent possible. It will continue to be a top priority for all of us as we enter the 2022-2023 school year. In our continuous efforts to improve and grow, we are spending time this summer bolstering our safety and security measures already in place. It is important to us to make necessary updates and shifts in all realms, including in the protective measures of our campuses, to ensure we are taking a proactive approach during these changing and challenging times.


    We are excited for the new year to come, and our staff is working diligently this summer to better our district before welcoming students back in August.


    Dr. Shannon LaFargue