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Blue Team Parent Communication

·         In each Blue Team class, the student is given time at the beginning of class to copy his/her assignments from the board in their agenda.  A good habit parents can have is to ask their child to show them his/her assignments written in the agenda.  If needed, teachers can sign agendas daily so parents will know that their child is writing the correct information in the agenda.  However, it is the child’s responsibility to bring the agenda to the teacher to sign. Also, please use the Student Progress Center to check your child’s grades regularly. 


·         The Blue Team teachers post daily information to a Google calendar that can be reached at this web address:             
Some Blue Team teachers also post their homework assignments to their Blackboard website.


·         Blue Team teachers also send out text messages using Remind:
          Remind is a one-way text messaging and email system.  With Remind101, all
          personal information remains completely confidential.  Teachers will never see
          your number, nor will you ever see theirs.  Visit to learn more.


·         To receive messages via text, text the teacher’s code to the teacher’s Remind101 phone number.


Teacher – Subject

Teacher’s Code

Remind101 Phone Number

Mrs. Holmes - Science 


(318) 524-7823

Mrs. Domingue – Social Studies


(320) 356-8137

Mrs. Duhon – Math


(703) 991-0992

Mrs. Duhon – Pre-Algebra


(703) 991-0992

Mrs. Anderson – ELA


(954) 320-0867

Mrs. Anderson – iELA


(954) 320-0867

Mrs. Blanchard – Section A&B


(318) 367-0748

Mrs. Blanchard – Section C&D


(318) 367-0748

Mrs. Hooks – Section A&B


(337) 381-0175

Mrs. Hooks – Section C&D


(337) 381-0175


To contact Blue Team teachers, call the school at (337) 217-4700 or email individual teachers:









For team conferences, contact the counselor’s office at (337) 217- 4700, ext. 5805