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  • Hello Friends!

    Please look at the pictures on the Flat Adventures! Whenever I receive an email from you with Flat Ms. Josey having an adventure, I will post the picture there! Keep having fun!

    Ms. Josey

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  • Dear Parents and/or Guardians, 

    Many of your children have accommodations that we use daily in order to support their learning. Please look over your child's most current IEP and review the accommodations and or modifications that are noted. You should offer these supports to the best of your ability while working with your student at home. If you have any questions about you child's information, or how to implement this, please contact me at collette.josey@cpsb.org where I am always happy to help!

    Happy Learning!

    Ms. Josey

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  • May is Citizenship monthCitizenship  and if you look under the link for online learning, you will find a  printable  packet for you and your student  to color, write, and play together! 


    The Flat Stanley flat stanley (or Flat Ms. Josey!) is also available for download if you didn't pick up a  packet. I can't wait to see where Flat Ms. Josey will go this week.

    Email/Send pictures please!

    I'm also excited to see your Flat people!

    I will take  them on adventures as well and will update you right here on my page!

    I miss all of my friends, so  wait for my phone calls this  week!  I'm here to help or just to chat. Make it a great week!!

    Love and  virtual hugs,

    Ms.  Josey

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  • Instructions PDF preview

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  • Tomorrow, April 30, 2020, packets will be available from 8:00-11:00 located in grade  level tubs in the car pickup line.

    You will pick up a packet from the grade level bucket AND your child will have a packet from  me with their name on  it. Please contact me at 337-419-2148 or email collette.josey@cpsb.org 

    You will have a Flat Ms. Josey in the packet!! This is a fun assignment that we will work on together!   

    My virtual office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  I will be contacting all of you two times per week :) 

    I miss your smiles!!

    Love, Ms. Josey


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  • My office hours are:

    Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday

    9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

    You can email me at collette.josey@cpsb..org

    or call/text me at 337-419-2148

    Please contact me witth any questions and/or concerns (or even just to chaat!)

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Resource 3, 4, & 5
Learning packets
  • Hello Again!

    Dear students and parents/guardians,

    I will be contacting you sometime today, April 7, 2020. Please email me with your contact  information at collette.josey@cpsb.org 

    if you have not heard from  me since March 13,  2020 (last day we were at school) OR if your contact information has changed. 

    I am available by email for any questions and or concerns you may have. Please note that information is constantly changing during this unprecedented time. I am  and will continue to do  my best to keep you updated! Meanwhile, please take care and follow the Stay At Home information. 

    Keep smiling and continue to be amazing and  AWESOME!!

    Much Love and Virtual  Hugs!!

    Ms. Josey

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    Famiily Toolbox

    During extended school closure, schools may offer opportunities for students to learn from home. While families are not responsible for providing IEP services to their students with disabilities during school closure, there are many ways families can support learning at home. This document provides you, as a family member of a student with a disability, a quick overview of ways you can support your child’s learning during school closure.

    Please click on the above link for more information


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  • Parish School Board.

    Yesterday, April 2, Governor John Bel Edwards officially extended the stay-at-home order and school closures through April 30. As we all know, this is a very fluid situation, but we are certainly ready and prepared to welcome our students back when it is safe for everyone.

    As for our feeding program continuing next Wednesday, April 8, we will be serving at the same two sites. We appreciate your patience through this time, as we are doing the best we can with the prepackaged food we are able to obtain from vendors. We are implementing some changes in the number of meals per bag to increase the amount of families we can serve.

    We have posted a new form on our website for meal deliveries. If you have already submitted information via email to school.lunch@cpsb.org, you DO NOT need to fill out the form. We are pursuing a different path for meal deliveries in hopes of getting the program started sooner. Any Calcasieu Parish School Board student is eligible, and their information can be submitted via the form.

    As the school closures have been extended, we know it’s now more important than ever to offer distance learning for students. We are working to expand the online learning resources we already have available. Each teacher within the Calcasieu Parish School Board will soon have a Blackboard site available to students, if they do not already. These sites will feature resources, optional curriculum, and will serve as a place for students and families to ask questions and receive assistance. Our teachers are missing their students, just like we know our students are missing their teachers. We hope this link will help bridge the gap until we can all be in classrooms together again.

    Yesterday, April 2, the Louisiana Department of Education released information regarding high school seniors. Included in that information are several decisions that now must be made at a local school district level. Our High School Department staff is working diligently to ensure our high school seniors receive guidance and preparation for what comes next. We will be releasing more information very soon for the class of 2020. The Governor did issue a proclamation regarding seniors and TOPS. His order suspends the April ACT deadline, now giving students until September 30 to earn a qualifying ACT score.

    Out of Zone permits are still currently available. It is strongly advised to request forms by sending an email to cwainfo@cpsb.org with your mailing address, number of forms needed, and if you live out of parish. Only one email is needed. If your email is “liked,” that is confirmation that it has been received and your form will be mailed in a timely manner. If your child was out of zone to the same school again this year, it is still active and no out of zone permit is needed.

    The physical health of our students and their families is obviously very important during this time, but so is their mental health. Our community is here to help. Both CPSB and the United Way of SWLA have resources available for those in need. Students are encouraged to send an email to counselor.info@cpsb.org to be connected to their personal school counselor. Click here to view the resources being provided by United Way.

    BESE has waived the LEAP Placement Test requirement for fifth and ninth grade transfer students from nonpublic and home schools for the 2020-2021 school year. This was part of the BESE waiver 1566.

    Continue to visit our website as we're releasing new information frequently. If you have any additional questions about anything you may be facing at this time pertaining to the school district, send an email to info@cpsb.org. We are here to help you however we can.


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  • continuous-education-for-students-with-disabilities-famiy-toolbox _2_.pdf 

    Please click on the above link for information that should help you with home learning. I am available by email if you have questions or needs. Please remember that I am here for you! 

    Watch for more updates!

    Ms. Josey

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  • Hello!

    I realize that this is a stressful time for all of us; me, you as parents, as well as our students. I also know that attempting to work with your children at home can be very trying. In an attempt to lessen the stress, I have some ideas for you:

    • Read with your child, allow them to read to you as well.
    • They can also read to a sibling, grandparent or their pets! You can even begin reading chapter books with them.
    • You could work on a puzzle 
    • Have a "find it" day where you go in the yard and look for a list of "treasures"!
    • Watch a good movie! (popcorn is a great addition )
    •  Make great memories together, your child will treasure these for a lifetime!
    • Limit computer time and make the most of it.
    • Parents attempt to become engaged with your student.

    Some of us need routines and due to that,  I will include multiple tasks both online and off for you and your child to do together or for him/her to do independently. 

    I will put links to videos as well, however, do not feel as though you need to have every single page completed. Remember, this is a resource, it is not a requirement. If you don't have access to a printer, the work can be completed on a sheet of paper. 

    I still encourage you to continue using Reading A-Z, Zearn, and Xtra Math and even Prodigy. 

    Please remember that I am available to help with any questions or concerns. 

    Hugs and Love,

    Ms. Josey

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  • Below are the steps to access the websites that are free and can be used for students (I have logins for students that I teach...please email me if you have not received yours).


    Kids a-z.org


    *There are other free websites to help your children to learn when you follow the steps below:

    • Go to CPSB.org
    • Click on Coronavirus Information
    • Click Online Learning Resources
    • Click on Students with Disabilities

    Parents may set up access and create logins to these sites.

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  • Baby Grandson #3 is here!  I'm a grandmother again!!              

    Baby Sawyer made his appearance April 6, 2017 at 11:07 a.m. Congratulations to my daughter, Sawyer's dad and my other two grandsons!!

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