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    It all begins with a plan. You have to know where you’re going if you want to have any hope of getting there. Developing talented students of content marketing strategists, producers, directors and designers help the students storyboard the map. Broncos Logo  
    We are pleased to bring you exciting content created by your students. We realize the importance of creativity and its standing in learning and education. Creativity is what we want our students to unlock.
    A pre-production strategy is necessary for any successful project. The core subjects help develop creative ideas in script writing, scheduling, locations, gear, and logistics.

    Creative High Definition videography, quality set design, premium lighting packages, and crisp digital sounds are just a few of the elements that encompass our grand vision.

    The students take control of the cameras and then with creative forces in motion, the students begin to mold them into the ideas that was started with its inception (pun intended).

    Through the enrichment programs the students will learn visual and sfx elements and appreciate how the core subjects' role in the entertainment industry bring creativity to an apex. 
    Inside all of them is an imagination that can create possibilities beyond traditional school settings. Walking through these halls is the next Spielberg, Snyder, Zimmer, Scorsese, and Nolan.
    Inspiring them to reach their potential starts with MBM and we will give them the technical, artistic, and linguistic support to realize a future built on CREATIVITY! Our goal in this endeavor pure and simple production.
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