• Student Privacy: Act 677 

    In compliance with Louisiana Act 677, Calcasieu Parish School Board will provide information relative to active district contracts and data elements associated with each application.  The documents listed are the current approved applications utilized by the district/schools with student information. The Calcasieu Parish School Board is authorized to share this information through Title 28; Bulletin 741; §2303 D-E and FERPA. 

  • CPSB Services:

    See below for the Calcasieu Parish School Board’s data-sharing agreements as directed in Act No. 677.

    Individuals with complaints involving the sharing of student personally identifiable information (PII) or questions regarding any of the contracts listed below, should contact Wilfred Bourne at wilfred.bourne@cpsb.org.  Please include reference to the exact contract or issue within the subject line.






    Date Signed

    3P Learning, Inc./ Blake eLearning


    Math tutoring and RTI First name and class
    (R.D. Molo Middle School, Washington Marion High School) 


     Achieve3000 is a digital leader in differentiated instruction. The program serves as a tool to increase Lexile gains in students. It is also utilized for RTI Time and Blending Learning.  First and Last Name, Student ID Number, Grade Level, Gender, Ethnicity, ELL Status, SPED Status
     Agile Mind   
    (Molo Middle)           
    Agile Mind is used as a supplement to the math curriculum to help grasp key concepts. Full Name, Grade Level, Birthdate, Student ID, School, Teacher Name, Subject Name and Time



    Amplify Education Inc.  
    Amplify provides web-based assessment and curriculum tools used for literacy assessments and Response to Intervention time.  Full Name. Gender, Grade, Enrollment, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Language Proficiency, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Special Education Information, Email Address. Free/Reduced Lunch Status, Attendance 
    Applied Educational Systems Used by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade for computer enrichment Student Name and email
    AVANT Assessment Avant is a computer based, multiple language proficiency assessment. First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Birthdate
    Barracuda  Email protection for Office 365                   Technology Dept. Email



    B.E. Publishing (EduTyping)
    (Oak Park Middle School) 
    EduTyping is a web-based software for teaching keyboarding to students.  Full Name, Email, Student ID, Classification




    Big Ideas Learning Homework Help, Tracking Student Progress, Supplemental Materials  First Name, Last Name, Student ID



    Blackboard Mobile    
    The Blackboard Mobile Learn application gives students and faculty access to their courses, content,  Full Name, Student ID Number, Grade Level, School Enrollment, Class Name, Grades, Student Schedule 
    Blake eLearning (Math Seeds) 

     (R.W. Vincent Elementary) 

    Math Seeds offers web-based programs used to supplement elementary math instruction Full Name, Grade   
    Breakout EDU This program will be used to enhance lessons across all subject areas. Students first name and last initial
    Bullfrog Communications, Inc. Murder at Old Fields is an online Forensic Science Lab Activity for middle school classrooms.  Full Name, Email (optional)
    Bullseye, LLC Snapshot evaluation software for teacher evaluations.  Full name, email address, school name, grade, subject
    Calcasieu Parish Public Library

    To provide access to eBooks. 

    Student name and ID number
    Career Compass of Louisiana
    (LaGrange High School)
    Provides support and guidance to students on varying pathways to the workforce. Student schedule, testing data, transcript information, grades, basic registration demographics.
    CCI Learning Solutions          
    CCI Learning provides access through print materials and online resources to Microsoft Office learning tools. Full Name, Grade, Student ID, Gender, Ethnicity, Special Services, Special Conditions
    English Proficiency, Economic Status, Email, Classroom Name, Class Grade
    Cengage Learning
    (Advanced Studies) 
     Cengage Learning offers interactive teaching and learning using supplemental text and assessments.  Full Name, Email Address



    Cengage Learning, Inc.


    (Washington-Marion High School, Career and Technical Edu.) 
    Cengage Learning offers web-based test-taking tips, diagnostic tests, review, and practice exams with answers and detailed explanations for all portions of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and project-based assessments for Microsoft Office products.  Full Name, Email Address
    ChildPlus  Head Start professional management software; student information system Full Name, Student ID Number, Address, Phone number(s), Gender, Grade Level, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Language, Scores from State Assessments, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Special Education Information, Attendance, Discipline Information, Grades, Email Address, Medical Information, Lunch Status, Social Security Number
    Classwork CO (DBA Classkick) Allow students to work on assignments at home. Full name, unique username or email address.
    Curriculum Advantage, Inc.
    Curriculum Advantage provides CPSB with online grade level instruction. Full Name, Username, Password, Local Student Number, School Enrollment, Grade Level, Birth Date
    Provides data syncing services to several educational programs with ease.  Currently using Clever to sync with myOn Reader.       Full Name, Student ID, Gender, Grade Level, School, Class Schedule, Test Scores
    Code Avengers

    Beginner coding platforms. Students will learn to write code.

    Email, Password, Name, Class
    Data Recognition Corporation (TABE Online)


    (Alternative Programs)
    Students placed in alternative programs are assessed, with DRC assessments, on basic skills and readiness in order to diagnose and prescribe learning objectives.  Full Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number
     DBA Learning.com
    The Learning Internet, Inc. 
    Easy Tech
    21st Skills Assessment 
    Equip students with critical skills including keyboarding, word processing, digital citizenship, and online safety, as well as media and information literacy skills.
     Full Name, ID, Class



    DBQ Project 
      First Name, School, Username, Password

    Addendum Renewal

    8/1/2019- 8/1/2020

    Delta Education
    Science Investigations through hands on learning.
    Teacher Name, School/address, email, phone number, job function, subjects of interest.



    DIBELS Data System
    University of Oregon
    The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) are a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of early literacy skills.
    Full Name, ID, Secondary ID, DOB, Assesment Score

     DIBELS Data Sharing Agreement



    Digital Promise
    Credentialing with Educators' Rising
    First name, last name, and email address



    Discovery Education, Inc.     



    Dorian Business Systems
     (Charms Office Assistant)

     (Sulphur High School)  

    Charms Office Assistant is a web-based management, organization, and communication service for band.  Full Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Age, DOB, Student ID Number, Height (Uniform Measurements), Class Name
     e3 Med-Acoustics
    Verifit: Audioscan 
    Verifit's Audioscan is a hearing instrument fitting system, which is utilized to assess the functionality of students' personal amplification devices. Full Name, Student ID, 504 Status, SPED Records, Enrollment
    Education Galaxy

     (Vinton Elementary School) 

    Education Galaxy provides online assessments and lessons for math and ELA.  Full Name, Student Grade Level
    Educators' Rising A class for aspiring educators. Full name, mailing address, gender, race/ethnicity, email address, school name/state/city, year of graduation
    EDgear - JCampus EDgear provides the student information management system for the district. Full Name, Student ID Number, Address, Phone number(s), Gender, Grade Level, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Language, Scores from State Assessments, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Special Education Information, Attendance, Discipline Information, Grades, Email Address, Medical Information, Lunch Status, Social Security Number
    Edgenuity Inc.  Virtual online learning  Full name, Student ID, Grade level, gender, DOB, ethnicity, address, phone number, test scores, lunch status.
    Edhesive Computer Language Software. Student First Name and Last three initials, Teacher Name, Teacher email.
    Edmentum, Inc. is a leading provider of online learning programs designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success. Edmentum offers a wide variety of innovative learning programs to empower 21st century teaching and learning.


    Students use the programs to obtain course credits online.  
    Required: First and Last Name, Grade Level, Local Student Number


    Optional:  Middle Name, Email Address

    Edmentum, Inc.


    (Study Island for Title I schools) 

    (Reading Eggs for Kaufman Elementary)

    Edmentum, Inc. is a leading provider of online learning programs designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success. Edmentum offers a wide variety of innovative learning programs to empower 21st century teaching and learning. Full Name, Grade Level, Student ID Number, School, Email Address
     EducAide Software (Problem Attic)    Test prep database for high school instruction          Full Name      



    Educational Leadership Solutions, Inc. 
    Educational Material
    Educational Leadership Solutions, Inc. collects district test data and schedule information necessary for schools to analyze their student and teacher performance on criterion and norm referenced tests. District test and schedule data is transformed into an easy to analyze format for the sole purpose of test data analysis by district employees. Full Name, Student ID Number, Test Scores, School Enrollment, Class Schedule
    Electronic Information Systems, LLC
    To provide services for Medicaid eligible disabled children and youth. SASID, SSN, First and Last name, DOB, Gender, School, Grade, Teacher, Parent/Guardian Name, Phone Number
    Explore Learning, LLC. Explore Learning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12.  Student ID, Email, Class Grades 

    Explore Learning, LLC

    (Reflex Math)

    Used for grades 2-5 for RTI and after school tutoring Student first and last name, gender, ethnicity, race, language,  and grade level

    Firefly - Smart Choice Technology

    Early Childhood Department

    Program for Early Childhood Coordinated Enrollment. Student Name, DOB, Student Address, Guardian Names and Contact Information


    Allows students to record and upload videos.   Student name, email, photo, and video.


    (LaGrange High School, LeBlanc Middle School, Ralph Wilson Elementary School)
    Flocabulary creates educational hip hop songs, videos and additional materials for students in grades K-12.  Full Name 

    Front Row Education

    (Kaufman Elementary)

    Front Row improves reading, math, science and social studies skills. Student First and Last Name, Student Grade
     GMetrix, LLC. (Certiport)
    Certiport offers online access to practices tests for Microsoft certification testing Full Name, Email
    GoReact Video feedback and skills assessment tool to evaluate CPSB educational interpreters First and last name, email, associated instructor scores, and comments on recorded or uploaded videos. 
    Gradient Cyber, Inc. Security Software used by the Tech Dept.  Student Name and School
    Growing Leaders, Inc Social and emotional learning program for use schoolwide to supplement PBIS Full name, email, and school name

    Hatch Early Learning (We Play Smart)

    JJ Johnson

    Active learning center to enhance the social and emotional development, and to encourage cooperative learning. Student and Teacher names and photos

    Hatch, Inc.

    Progress monitoring and gathering assessment data Student's First and Last name, DOB, Language, Gender, Race Ethnicity, and photo
     Heartland Payment Systems: My School Bucks Heartland Payment Systems is responsible for and will settle funds with CPSB; provide the following payment processing solutions to CPSB: web payment solutions, cashiering payment solutions, or IVR payment solutions. Full Name, School Enrollment, Lunch Balance

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: CPSB Data Warehouse

    To provide CPSB with the web hosting service for digital products - Qlikview Analytics (Data Warehouse).

    Full Name, Student ID Number, Address, Phone number(s), Gender, Grade Level, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Language, Scores from State Assessments, Scores from Assessment applications, Grades, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Americans with Disabilities, At-Risk Students, Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), Gifted/Talented, Learning Disabled, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Migrant Status, Special Education Information, 504 Status, Attendance, Discipline Information




    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Think Central HMH's Think Central is an online learning and assessment tool used in conjunction with Elementary and Middle HMH textbooks.  Full Name, Grade, Student ID, Gender, Ethnicity, Special Services, Special Conditions
    English Proficiency, Economic Status, Email, Classroom Name, Class Grade    



    iCEV Multimedia  Online curriculum and testing for CTE Student Name




    Calcasieu Parish DA

    DA Leadership Program

    Student's First and Last name,

    Phone number



     iSTEEP    iSTEEP is used as a common benchmarking and progress monitoring system for students in grades 4-12 in schools participating in Louisiana's Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy.         
    Student Name, Student ID, Teacher Name, Secure ID, Class Name, Grade, NCLB Subgroup information (optional)
    iReady - Curriculum Associates                    iReady is and online tool used to pinpoint students needs and monitor progress in Reading and Mathematics  Full Name, Grade Level, Student ID Number, Date of Birth, Class/Teacher Name



    IXL Learning


    (R. D. Molo Middle School, Cypress Cove Elementary School, F.K. White Middle School, Combre-Fondel Elementary School, LeBlanc Middle School, Barbe Elementary School)  
    IXL Learning offers comprehensive coverage of K-12 math and language arts curricula through an online platform. Real-time assessment tools and more than 35 reports make it easy for teachers and parents to analyze student performance. Full Name, Grade Level, Email Address, Student ID Number

    John Maxwell Team & People Keys

    Maxwell interest inventory used by high school students First name, last name, and email address

    Kickboard Behavior Management System

    (R.D. Molo Middle School)

    Software used to analyze behavior data and reward incentives.

    Student Full Name and grade

    Staff Full Name and email


    Knowledge Matters - Virtual Business


    (Sam Houston High School)

    Software used to supplement Accounting Instruction Name and email address

    LanguaMetrics Inc. 

    Fluency Program for K-2 to strengthen students reading skills Students first name or initial, last name, and class

    Louisiana Consortium of Immersion Schools

    Used for the DELF French Immersion Test Student's name, DOB, Place of Birth, School, and Teacher's name

    Learning A-Z


    (Special Services) 
    LearningA-Z.com produces online teaching materials for the elementary classroom.  Student Full Name

    LearnZillion Inc. 

    Teachers and students will log in to access Guidebook lessons and assessments. Student's full name, grade, email, and other information

    Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.

    Yearbook and school pictures Full name, grade, school, address, homeroom, and SIDNO

    Lightspeed Solutions, LLC  dba Lightspeed Systems

    Teachers can keep students logged in, participating, and focused whether in-person or at a distance. Student email
     Louisiana High School Athletic Association    The LHSAA is the governing body for high school sports in the State of Louisiana. It oversees all eligibility, team and competition rules and regulations regarding high school sports.


    The information is used to review each athlete's eligibility status.  
    Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, Grade Level, Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number, Medical History 
    Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide (LINKS) Louisiana's statewide system designed to track children's immunization records. Full Name, DOB, Gender, Mother's Maiden Name and/or Guardian's First Name, Address, Phone Number, Financial Eligibility Status, Child's Shot Record
    LJ Create (Class Act)


    (F.K. White Middle School) 
    LJ Create's Class Act software provides instruction materials and resources for advanced technology studies Full Name
    Louisiana Rehabilitation Services  LRS provides consultation and assistance in identifying appropriate students who may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services.  First and Last Name, DOB, Grade, School, Special Education Information, Scores from State Assessments, Student ID Number, Gender, Ethnicity
     Mackin-Via eBooks  Mackin-Via provides student access to eBooks.   First Name, Student ID Number, Email (optional)
    Mastery Prep
    ACT Mastery 
    ACT Mastery provides student ACT preparation services. First and Last Name, Student ID Number, Grade Level, School Enrollment
     McGraw-Hill Education


    (Connect: Middle School Math and Middle School Social Studies) 

    McGraw-Hill Connect is an online learning assignment and assessment tool. 

     Middle school students use the service in connection with the adopted math curriculum.

    Full Name, Grade, Gender, Student ID Number, School Name, Class Name

    Motivating Systems LLC

    PBIS Rewards

    (Molo Middle)

    Motivating Systems is a software system that analyze behavior data and reward incentives Full Name, Grade, Student ID, Gender and Courses
    myON Reader myON provides anytime, anywhere access to a library of more than 7,000 enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, real-time reporting and assessments and embedded close reading tools. Full Name, Student ID Number, Gender, Grade Level, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Test Scores
    MakeMusic, Inc.  CPSB Band and Choral Music Directors will utilize SmartMusic to enhance their music curriculums, both in the classroom and virtually. First & last name, username, email, country, time zone, age. 
    Nepris, Inc. Connect educators and learners with a network of industry professionals-virtually. First & last name, email, birthdate, Grade, District, School, Teacher & class

    Neuron Fuel Inc. 

    DBA Tynker

    Program for students to learn to code while also developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. Teacher's name and email, school site, Student's name and email, grade

    Nutri-Link Technology, Inc.

    (Curb Smart)

    CurbSmart after School student release system Student SIS #, Student Name, DOB, Grade, Classroom, Contact number, Parent name, Address, parent email, bus number

    Virtual Program.

    Provides online learning for high school courses and programs.

    First and Last Name, Student ID Number, Teacher, Username and Password

    PC Innovations - Tardy Calculator 


    PC Innovations and Tardy Calculator provides technological tools required to incorporate a school-based comprehensive prevention and intervention program that targets students who have a tendency for reporting late to their classes and/or committing other infractions. First and Last Name, Student ID Number, Grade Level, School Enrollment

    Pear Deck, Inc. 

    Interactive presentation tool to engage students with high quality curriculum. Student's email


    realize: High School Math


    Inspire Literacy, iLit

    Pearson realize is online digital content offering high-quality, interactive instructional content aligned to standards and online assessments. High school students use the service in connection with the adopted math curriculum. 


    Pearson iLit is a digital literacy solution providing standards-based literacy lessons and assessments. Title I schools utilize the service as a literacy intervention tool. 
    First and Last Name, Student ID Number


    Optional: Middle Name, Email, Gender, DOB




    (Alternative Programs) 
    Successmaker is a web-based software for Reading and Math intervention that adapts to each learners needs. Full Name
    Penn Foster, Inc.  Penn Foster is used for Customer Service credential vouchers and exams. Full name, address, phone number, military status, DOB, email, and ethnicity.
    Presence Learning CPSB Speech Therapist will use this to provide virtual speech therapy services for students. Video and audio of students
    Project Lead the Way, Inc. Project Lead the Way is interactive STEM teaching and learning to promote innovation, critical thinking,and early engineering practices.  Full Name, Gender, Grade, Teacher, Course, State, State Id, Race, Ethnicity, and 504/TEP Accommodations. 
    QuarverEd, Inc.  Lessons for Music Instruction Student name, grade, email
    Read Naturally


    (Read Live for Middle Schools) 
    Read LIve is an educational program provided by Read Naturally, INC. that consists of a web-based application. The application is used to assist teacher to diagnose student reading levels/needs for appropriate instructional placement. Full Name, Grade Level


    Optional: Student ID Number, Parent/Guardian Information 
    Renaissance Learning, Inc. (RLI)
    (Accelerated Reader, AR 360, & STAR: Reading, Math, Enterprise Reading, Enterprise Math, Early Literacy) 
    Renaissance Learning provides an application hosting service for certain RLI software licensed by CPSB, which is installed on servers located within the RLI hosting network and accessed by CPSB via the Internet. Full Name, Student ID Number, Gender, Grade Level, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Language, Test Scores, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Americans With Disabilities, At-Risk Students, Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), Lunch Status, Gifted/Talented, Learning Disabled, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Migrant, Special Education
    Ripple Effects, Inc. SEL Curriculum to prevent and solve behavior problems Student ID, First Name, Last Name, and grade
    Rockalingua Inc.  Music based Spanish learning Student's teacher and teacher's email


    Scantron provides the district the use of a web-based, Internet delivered assessment system and the services and training necessary for implementation in the district.

    Full Name, Student ID Number, Grade Level, School Enrollment, Ethnicity, Class Schedule






    Reliance Communications, Inc. (Reliance)
    Reliance provides CPSB with the online communication application SchoolMessenger (the district’s phone messaging service). Full Name, Address, Student ID Number, Gender, Grade Level, School Enrollment, Phone Number(s), Phone call history, Attendance, Bus Information, Email Address



    School Specialty, Inc.


    Used by SPED Dept. for the use of iSPIRE for the SPDG grant Student first and last name





    (Pearl Watson Elementary School) 

    ScootPad is an adaptive, online learning platform for grades PreK-8 covering Common Core Math, ELA and more. Student Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number
    Senor Wooly
    Senor Wooly will be used by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Spanish classes as a curriculum enhancement. 

    Student First name and Last initial. Teacher name and email address. 


    MakeMusic, Inc.

    (Sulphur High School)    
    Smartmusic is a    web-based practice and assessment tool for band.  Full Name, Email Address, DOB, Address, School Name

    Snapwiz, Inc.

    dba Edulastic

    Teaches will create assessments using Edulastic Assessment bank and administer assessments online with students. Name, teacher email, student username, passwords, grade, subject, class enrollment. Demographic information options.

    Social Studies School Service

    Social Studies specific resource with activities and assessments Student's Full Name

    SpringBoard by College Board 


    (Special Education)
    SpringBoard is the College Board's print and digital program, which offers performance-based assessments and resources for ELA and math. Full Name, Student ID, Grade Level

    Studies Weekly, Inc.

    Science and Social Studies videos and content online to support the classroom printed material.

    Teacher's name, email, and grade level. 

    Student's name



    FK White

     Swivl is a video capture program used for professional development to improve instruction. Student video and audio




    Teaching Books

    Online resource for Teachers and Students  Student First and Last name, username, Student's teacher



    TEEM Academy     


    TEEM Academy provides with career/business tools to help students develop career opportunities (vocational rehabilitation). Full Name, Email, DOB, Social Security Number
    TestOut Corporation Curriculum for online technology courses that lead to the attainment of an IBC. Student First and Last name

     Triumph Learning

    Vinton Elementary

    ELA and Math Support for Instruction Full Name, Grade, Student ID, Student Email address



     Tyler Technologies - Versatrans       Routing and Planning Software for Student Transportation    First and Last Name, Student ID, Grade, Gender, School Building, Address, DOB, Home Phone



    Vista Higher Learning Use to support language learning with integrated content, resources, and tools Student names and email addresses.



    Voyager Sopris Learning


    (Passport Reading Journeys, Vmath, LANGUAGE!, LANGUAGE! Live)
    Voyager Sopris Learning offers a comprehensive suite of instructional resources.

    CPSB utilizes the resources to provide students reading and math intervention.  

    First and Last Name, Student ID Number, Grade Level
    Waterford Waterford provides impactful instruction for grades PK-2 that develop founational skills.

    Full Name, Grade, Student ID, School Building


    Focused Fitness: WELNET WELNET provides physical educators with a tool to gather student fitness data and communicate results. Full Name, Grade, Student ID, Enrollment, Gender, Birth Date, Email, Grades
     Zearn     Online individualized Math Curriculum  Full Name, Grade, Class



    ZipGrade LLC Teachers print multiple choice, bubble-in answer sheets to administer test to students and use the mobile application to scan and grade papers. Student First and Last Name, Numeric Identifier, Class/Subject name




     Zonar System Inc.   Transportation  Student's first and last name, RFID, Sidno





  • State Services: 

    See the link below for the Louisiana Department of Education’s data-sharing agreements as directed in Act No. 677.


    Signed LDE addenda: 



    Date the State Data Sharing Agreement was signed

     ACT, Inc.


     November 2020

    Expires: 6/30/2021



    November 2020

    Expires: 6/30/2024



    November 2020

    Brookes Publishing (AEPSi, AEPS)


    November 2018

    CAI (SER)


    August 2020

    Expires: 7/21/2025



    October 2020

    Expires: 7/21/2025

    CN Resources


    December 4, 2019

    College Board


     November 2020

    Expires: 5/5/2021

     DRC - Non-Summative Assessments        Addendum

     November 2020

    Expires: 6/17/2021

     DRC - Summative Assessments


    November 2020

    Expires: 2/15/2024



     November 2020



     August 2020

    Expires: 7/29/2025

    ELPT - English Language Proficiency Test


     November 2020

    Expires: 6/30/2024

    Family Engagement Lab- FASTalk


    October 2020



     August 22, 2018



     October 2020

    Expires: 4/15/2024

    iSteep, LLC


    February 2020

    Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)


    March 2020

    Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS)


    October 2020

    Expires: 1/14/2023

    Louisiana Community and Technical College System (Jobs for American Graduates program, JAG)


    November 2020

    Expires: 2/28/2021

    MZ Development


    November 2020



    November 2020

    Expires: 8/1/2021

    Red-e Set Grow (DSC)


     July 2015

    TCB Consulting, LLC


    December 4,2019

    Teaching Strategies, LLC for KEA


     October 2020

    Expires: 6/30/2021

    Teaching Strategies, LLC Gold 


     November 2020

    Expires: 6/30/2021

    University of Louisiana at Lafayette


    March 2020

    Carasoft (Google)


     January 2017

    All concerns and questions related to the following MOUs, addendums, student privacy, and the sharing of students’ PII can be submitted to kim.nesmith@la.gov.

     Please include the following: 

    1. First and last name
    2. Phone number
    3. Agreement related to inquiry
    4. Question/concern 

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