• 5 Easy Recipes for Cooking with Dad
    Don't be intimidated by the kitchen. Wow your wife with simple, yet memorable, meals and show your kids how cooking with dad is done. 

    If the idea of cooking with dad raises a few eyebrows, it's because many dads tend to stay out of the kitchen, not because they are male chauvinists in as much as they may simply lack the confidence. Even if you are afraid of the kitchen, there are a lot of good reasons to give it a shot.

    Anyone can throw together something snackish or microwavable. But when it comes to serious food preparation, sometimes we psyche ourselves out -- and that’s when we fail before we even begin.

    Here are 5 simple but extra-special recipes that are not only fun to do with the kids, but they say to your wife: I care enough about you to prepare great food at least once a week and clean up afterwards.

    Why Are Your Kids Texting Not Talking? 

    To be fair, technology has been a part of their everyday existence in ways we could never have imagined at their age. Don’t assume the worst about your tech-obsessed child. Here are some reasons behind their habits. First, kids use technology to avoid awkward situations and conversations. Being heads down on their phones is one way to avoid that feeling. Second, kids feel F.O.M.O. anxiety these days which means they have a “Fear of Missing Out” on the social scene. So they are constantly checking their phones to see what everyone else is doing. Learn more reasons why your kids are texting not talking.