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    Take Tech Classes, Earn Tech Points
    Beginning May 1, 2015, Tech Points will be awarded to classroom teachers for Technology Staff Development that takes place outside of school hours and is sponsored by the Tech Training Center. Teachers receive 1 Tech Point per completed hour and can spend the points in the Tech Point Store at any time. Points can accumulate from year to year. The more Tech Classes you attend, the more Tech Points you earn. More than 120 Tech Classes will be offered this summer alone, so there will be something for everyone!

    Note: Tech Points are awarded to CPSB classroom teachers only.


    Tech Points Store

    Apple TV 15 pts
    Document Camera 15 pts
    iPad 25 pts
    Projector 40 pts
    Student Laptop 45 pts
    Teacher Laptop 55 pts
    Promethean Board 80 pts

    Tech Point Policy
    This equipment is the property of the teacher as long as she/he remains an employee of CPSB. When the teacher leaves the parish the equipment must remain at the school. Tech Points are individually earned and redeemed. They are not transferable.

    Questions? kim.leblanc@cpsb.org