• Student Privacy: Act 837 Employee Resources

    The following information is designed to help CPSB employees navigate the complex permissions and limitations in Act 837 regarding the release and sharing of student information. If at anytime an employee is uncertain about a specific release of student information, he/she should contact a direct supervisor for assistance.

    Approved District and State Contracted Services:

    Employees should access the complete listing of CPSB and LDOE Services to review the contracted items available for use with student information. https://www.cpsb.org/Page/6807.
    All approved CPSB services have been evaluated through the district's Network Evaluation process. To begin the approval process for purchased web-based student services/software, submit a Tech Help ticket. Schools and departments must submit a ticket to start the evaluation process before purchasing new web-based student services/software or contracting with new entities for student support services.

    Approved CPSB-Hosted Resources:

    The following resources are approved for use with student information. The information in all of these resources is housed internally on CPSB servers.
    • CPSB Email
    • CPSB H Drives
    • CPSB Help Desk (Footprints)
    • Destiny 
    • MCS - Food Services
    • Pro Care
    • Successmaker (Title I schools only)
    • Roder Registration Program
    • RTI/Airtime Access Database
    • Southern Visuals
    Employees should use the following Act 837 Flowchart for Online or Web-based Services to determine if the item is approved for use with student information. Follow this flowchart for both new contracts and contract extensions.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • CPSB Policy: Student Records JR-AP

    The Superintendent may authorize access by and disclosure to the persons/entities listed in district policy of the student directory information for the purpose of providing students with opportunities for public recognition and participation in school-sanctioned activities unless the parent of a student has declined in writing to permit access/disclosure. Please note, CPSB policy does not define student directory information as an address, phone number, or email address. In addition, our district does not sell student directory information. View a copy of the district policy here
  • Parental Consent Forms:

    Act 837 allows for releases of student information with parental consent under specific instructions. There are two types of Act 837 consents for our district and one type from the state.
    1. Teachers must use the CPSB Act 837 Academic Consent Form 1504 (click here to download) to obtain consent from parents/legal guardians before students may register for testing, vocational certifying, and/or dual-enrollment opportunities. This form allows for releases of student information to companies offering legitimate academic testing and vocational certifying opportunities and colleges/universities with dual-enrollment offerings.  
    2. Counselors must use CSPB Act 837 Transcript Release Form 1505 (click here for download) before releasing student transcripts to private Louisiana and public and private out-of-state colleges/universities.
    3. Counselors must also use the state-mandated LOFSA/TOPS Consent Form (click here for download) for transcript releases and eligibility reporting to Louisiana public colleges/universities and the TOPS Scholarship Program. 
    Employees should consult the following Act 837 Consent Chart for instructions regarding the use of consent in the district.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Tracking Consent Forms: 

    Academic Release Request Form: 
    Schools will use a new feature in JCampus to track academic consents. Please visit the link below for detailed instructions. 
    Transcript Release Request Form:
    Counselors may choose to track Transcript Release Request Forms in the same manner as the Academic Consent Forms.
    LOFSA/TOPS Form:
    The LOFSA/TOPS form will continue to be tracked with the following special codes in JCampus:
    • CON: A signed form is on file indicating consent
    • DNC: A signed form is on file indicating the lack of consent
    Please access the following information for additional instructions on tracking consent in JCampus.