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    “Building Foundations for the Future.”

    Our family of employees embraces the teamwork associated with Building Foundations for the Future in Calcasieu Parish. The work of all of our employee groups within the school system, in coordination with parents and other community stakeholders, helps to foster the educational skills and life experiences that make our students unique.

    Each employee in the school system has a critical role in the teaching process. Our classroom teachers are the cornerstone of the daily learning process. They are instructors, mentoring students along the educational path. School support personnel also play an integral part in the teaching process, whether it be para-professionals aiding each day’s progress, bus drivers ushering students to school, school lunch technicians providing healthy meals in a clean environment, or custodians presenting a safe, clean learning environment. Administrators tie the teaching process together through daily interaction and by building the bridge between our schools and communities.

    Each group of CPSB employees understands the importance of the words “Building Foundations for the Future.” And it is this investment in public education that continues to make Calcasieu Parish a stable, prosperous community.



    Karl Bruchhaus

    Superintendent of Schools