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    Need Assistance with Tuition and Books?

    CPPJ and the Louisiana Workforce Commission have joined together in an effort to provide book and tuition assistance to those who are accepted into a college but have not yet enrolled or have not yet scheduled their classes.  Please see the attached file for more information.Tuition and Book Assistance

    Heisman High School Scholarship

    Hagan Scholarship

    The Hagan Scholarship is a nationwide four-year need-based merit scholarship providing each recipient with the opportunity to graduate from college debt-free, providing up to $6,000 each semester.  After graduation from college, Hagan Scholars can apply for a 2-year extension of their scholarship to attend graduate school or a professional school, receiving $6,000 each semester.

    Basic Eligibility Requirements:

    Must attend an eligible public high school
    Must have achieved a 3.5 GPA
    Must enroll in an eligible college or university
    Must maintain a 4 year or less graduation schedule
    Applicant's Adjusted Household Income reported for Federal Income Tax Purposes must not Exceed $85,000

    Application Deadline is 5:00 PM CST, December 1, 2022

    School House Connection Youth Leadership & Scholarship Program

    The SHC Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program Provides:

    • $2,000 scholarship award
    • One-on-one help with college enrollment and financial aid, mental health advocacy and referrals, legal advocacy and referrals, and assistance with locating local resources
    • A stable peer and adult support network
    • Meaningful opportunities to engage in state and federal advocacy


    • Currently residing in the United States (undocumented students are eligible) 
    • Born on or after October 15, 2002 
    • Beginning college (four year, community college, or trade school) for the first time in 2023 (not including dual-enrollment courses) 
    • Experienced homelessness in the last six years 

    Application Requirements:

    • 1000 Word Essay
    • Transcript (Unofficial is Acceptable) 
    • One Letter of Recommendation

    Shearman Foundation Scholarship

    Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship

    The deadline for this scholarship application is January 31, 2023 (must be received and postmarked by this date). This application is also available on the chapter's website.

    The EnergyRates.ca College Scholarship is a yearly (ongoing) scholarship by EnergyRates.ca. Every year, we award outstanding students for their essays on the energy industry. We would be glad if you could inform your students of our scholarship by linking our page to your “Scholarships” page. Students from all fields are welcome to apply.

    The deadline for the 2023 competition is January 31, 2023 (The deadline is January 31 annually). We are offering a $500 scholarship to any student planning to enroll or currently enrolled in an American or Canadian post-secondary educational institution in the coming year (USD 500 for Americans or CAD 500 for Canadians). All you must do to be eligible for the scholarship is write an essay in English or French, no more than 500 words in length, telling us where you see the future of the energy industry. You can talk about anything you want — green energy, oil politics, the continued use of nuclear power, your own ideas and innovations — so long as it’s about energy in the world of tomorrow. What do you think people will be reading about in the news in a few years?

    Please feel free to check technical details regarding submissions, past winners, rules and requirements at the official scholarship website: https://energyrates.ca/energyrates-ca-scholarship/

    Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

    Each year, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation awards 150 college scholarships worth $20,000 to high school students across the United States through the Coca-Cola Scholars Program. Students need a 3.0 GPA and to fill out an online application that requires no essays, no recommendations, and no transcripts by October 31, 2022, at 5 p.m. Eastern.

    We want IHS to have a Coke Scholar this year!

    The 2022-23 application is open to high school seniors until 5 p.m. Eastern on October 31, 2022.

    See program details and last year's Coke Scholars.

    2023 George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, Art & Songwriting Contest

    2023 Art & Songwriting Contest Theme: Off the Beaten Path: Weird, Wild, and Abstract

    This year we are encouraging students to think outside the box to create works of art and songs that push creative boundaries. We are asking students to dismiss classic themes and notions to create something unique and thought provoking. There are no limits on what the subject matter can be. We only ask that the students use their creativity and imaginations and venture “off the beaten path” of traditional art making. We ask students to use the following works of art and concepts as inspiration to create their own works of weird, wild and abstract art and music. $25,000 worth of awards are available for Louisiana Juniors and Seniors!

    Please click here to view the 2023 Visual Art Contest Terms and Conditions.

    Please click here to view the 2023 Songwriting Contest Terms and Conditions.

    National Scholarships

    LOSFA Scholarships & Grants

    Southern University Tuition & Book Stipend