About Teacher & Leader Support

  • The CPSB Office of Teacher & Leader Support develops the leader pipeline (and talent) by providing professional development to teachers and leaders. The professional development includes:

    • New Teacher Academy
      • Any new teacher to our system is assigned a mentor who provides side by side assistance, feedback, and support every day of the school year
      • All new and emerging teachers are invited to attend professional development
        • New Teacher Orientation (before school begins)
        • Teacher Evaluation Training (TAP, Compass, and CLASS)
        • Classroom Management strategies
    • Make Mentoring Matter (M3)
      • There is at least one trained mentor on each campus across the district
      • Mentors attend professional development in mentoring and coaching new teachers
    • Capital Information System (CIS)
      • Insures that all LDOE evaluation mandates are implemented across the district (Bulletin 130)
      • Assists teachers & leaders with:
        • Student Learning Targets (SLTs)
        • Observations
        • Professional Growth Plans
    • Host webinars to assist teachers and leaders (the following were provided this school year):
      • Kagan Structures (classroom management strategies)
      • Understanding Poverty
      • Habits of Highly Effective People
      • Growth Mindset
      • Work, Life, Balance
    • Develop the leadership Pipeline by supporting the following
      • Believe & Prepare Mentors
      • Intervention Content Leaders
      • ELA and Math Content Leaders
      • National Institute for School Leadership (NISL)


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