World History Hyperlinked IMPACT SAMR Task Cards 2017

  • This is the World History SAMR Task Card presentation created by CPSB high school social studies teachers during IMPACT training in September 2017. Teachers learned about the SAMR model and we provided them with a wide variety of digital resources available to integrate into tasks that support state standards. Teachers selected a standard and then developed supporting questions upon which they designed four task cards at the different levels of SAMR and hyperlinked the featured resources on the card. 

    To use the cards, click on the linked unit titles and then the task descriptions. Some resources require teachers have their own accounts prior to using the task with students. Be sure to view the speaker notes by clicking the gear for any specific teacher instructions. Teachers need to always ensure that they are adhering to current privacy laws and students are not to provide any personally identifiable information for any of the tasks. Digital nicknames are advised where indicated.

    This page with the embedded task cards can be linked on a teacher's Blackboard site to use with students. Students would need to be instructed to the task card the teacher would like them to complete. If needed, task cards can be downloaded as a PowerPoint file (found below) to be edited to suit a teacher's specific needs.

    For more information about any of the tasks, the teacher email address can be found in the comments section of each task card viewable by clicking the gear below the slides and opening speaker notes.