Science Club
  • Science Club Sponsor: Dr. Karanam

    Slogan: Science saves lives, if you want to help the world, start with science.

    Objectives: To develop students, interest, and participation in the practical application of the knowledge related to different branches of sciences. To create interest in scientific facts and events related to one's surroundings.

    Mission Statement: The mission of the Science Club at LaGrange High School is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. We seek to generate self-directed learners with an understanding of learning as a lifelong process in a supportive, safe, and secure environment. This will be enhanced through hands on activities which create leadership opportunities, build knowledge, and create a love for science and technology.

    Purpose: The goal of Science Club is to get students interested in science at a young age and introduce them to scientific concepts that they may not be fully familiar with in hopes that they can latch onto an idea or subject that they find themselves passionate about.


    * To fundraise for opportunities such as specialized experiments, trips, or charity

    * To engage in hands-on learning activities outside of the regular classroom

    * To inspire students and create a future in this field of study using knowledge, skills, understanding and integrity.

    Why join a science club? Build Social Skills & Self Esteem



  • "The purpose of Science Club is to promote interest in science among all

    LaGrange High school students and the community. We hope to spread both

    science interest and knowledge to students and their families by making

    Science Club a fun, welcoming environment where science is relevant and

    useful. We hope to develop and expand the critical thinking and problem-

    solving skills among the students who participate in Science Club."



    Science Club is open to all students, grades 9-12, who have an

    interest in any type of natural science!



    There are no requirements to join Science Club! Students with

    interest in science-related fields are encouraged to attend. To be

    considered an official member (on resume/activity list) students must

    abide by the rules and attend at least 70 % of the regular meetings,

    AND 2/3 (67 %) of the water bottle collection (recycling) days.



    At this point, there is a $ 30 due to join Science Club to cover the cost

    for materials and activities. Also, we may organize fundraisers for the

    above purpose. Extra money at the end of the year is used for a pizza

    party and/or donated to an organization of the Club's choosing.


    Past Activities

    Some activities the club has done in the past are chemistry and

    biology, field trips, science fairs and competitions, movie and robotics

    and rockets. 2022 activities included a scavenger hunt in the blog, the

    marshmallow challenge, making ice cream with ice and salt, holiday

    ornaments made by growing crystals, optical illusions, using hot dogs

    and a microwave to measure the speed of light, and an end of the

    year pizza party.


    Tentative Meeting Schedule

    *Meetings will last approximately 20minutes and will be held during

    and sometimes after school or before school. Some activities may be

    held outside of the school day (i.e., field trips, movie nights, etc.)

    Regular Meetings: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month #194 science

    building Recycling (bottle collection): 1st Tuesday of each month

    (before or after school, start in Room #194


    Student Leader Duties

    All officers will be responsible for ensuring the continuation of the

    Club by helping recruit new members each year. All officers should

    plan on a few additional meetings with advisors (these meetings will

    be shorter and most likely held before school). Officers are also

    responsible for always promoting Science in an exciting and positive

    light. Officers will be responsible for planning activities,

    communicating plans with advisors, writing morning announcements

    for upcoming events, and conducting meetings, including keep an

    attendance record of members.



    Student leaders will communicate to club members through school

    announcements, flyers, and remind. We may also use email.