CPSB Virtual Tech Showcase
  • Virtual Tech Showcase 2022-23 is an event facilitated by the CPSB Technology Training Center to showcase the ways teachers integrate technology to support teaching and learning. This year, the participating schools are DeQuincy Elementary, Dequincy Middle, and LaGrange High. Teachers at these schools who are selected by school administrators are provided with a tech package at the beginning of the school year. Throughout the year leading up to the event, CPSB technology facilitators provide support and training to help them integrate technology in meaningful ways in their classrooms. Teachers then provide descriptions, images, student samples of work, and videos to share how technology supports teaching and learning. This content is then developed into a teacher webpage for public access starting on Thursday, April 27, 2023. Visit the Tech Showcase Teacher sites by clicking on the school names found in the menu on the left. 

    • Register NOW in Tech Classes to attend the LIVE event scheduled for May 4th at 3:30PM-4:30PM! DOUBLE TECH POINT EVENT!
    • Starting on April 27th, visit the teachers' websites that will be available here to see how they integrate technology to support teaching and learning!
    • Join us for the LIVE Tech Showcase event on Thursday, May 4th at 3:30PM-4:30PM to meet the teachers and participate for a chance to WIN!