• Attendance-opoly is in full swing! 

    Students can't learn if they are not in school! The goal at John F. Kennedy is 97% average daily attendance. Classes move 1 space around the board for each day they meet the attendance goal. They move an extra space if their teacher had perfect attendance too! Classes win a special incentive where they land! Incentives include special guest visits, listening to music in calss and playing a game of kickball! The staff and students love Mondays because that is when the weekly incentives are announced!


    Congratulations to the folling classes for their moves around the Monopoly Board!

    Week of October 14

    Kindergarten and Grade 4 : Chance 

    Grade 2: Causey Causeway: Mrs. Holder helps in your classroom one period this week. 

    Grade 5: PE Pipeline:You earned one free  kickball game!