Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies

  • Welcome  to  Social Studies - United  States History

    The study of the development of  the United States of America 

    Prehistory to  the Civil War  and  Reconstruction (1896)


  • Hello Parents,

    Hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy.  I know in this perplexing time of uncertainty you are wondering when the children will return to school and what will be the outcome of this school year 2019-2020.  Well, so  are  we  and we must  wait  patiently to  see  what  happens  and  what is  decided.  In the meantime, we want to try to keep our children safe and “occupied” in study because we know that we will eventually return to school. 


    Please  take some  time each day (if you have internet  access)  to have  your  children log on to their  IXL  accounts (they have them and they know how  to   sign in, so don’t let  them  tell you  differently) and  work on  Social  Studies topics. 


    I am providing  a list of important topics under  the Homework Tab that we  did not  get to  discuss and  some  that we  did cover and is  very important for  the students to know (should we  eventually get to the LEAP test) and  some information they need to know  as  they move  to  8th grade  Social  Studies.  Please, just allow them  a  short time  each  day or maybe  two or  three times  a  week to  study  the information to help keep them  abreast. Just  click on  each topic and it  should take you directly to IXL  and  your  child will have to  sign in to complete the assignment. 


    I  appreciate your parental  support  and hope  that you  are  practicing  safety and social distancing to  avoid  this  virus pandemic. 


    You are all in my prayers and please tell my students I  said hello and I  miss them. 


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