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  • Welcome to sixth grade ELA.

    This year we will be reading some exciting novels, sharpening our writing skills, and enhancing our vocabularies. 



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    "It is so important to allow children to bloom and to be driven by their curiosity." - May-Britt Moser


  • Hello parents and students, 

       I wanted to let you all know that I now have a blackboard page which will provide a more convenient way to publish information and educational content. To get to my blackboard website you can do that two different ways, you can go to the fifth tab on the left hand side of this website labeled Blackboard which will take you to a link that you can click or you can type in blackboard into any search engine and go through the course catalog and search my name. 

      I look forward to you all being able to use the site effectively and remember that if you have any questions I am an email away. I also would like to remind students that working on their achieve at this time is very beneficial to their academic growth and that they should at least be doing three activities per week with a goal of 75 of above on the first try. 


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  • To get to the educational resources/work that the  school board has provided for middle school students you can click on the link below or go to the link provided on the main CPSB website. This work will be updated weekly to give students up to date activities and assignments. 

    Educational Resources


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  •     Hello parents and students while students are away from the classroom environment it is important they they are still keeping their young minds sharp. One of the ways to do this is that students can access educational material on the cpsb.org website which I have provided a link for or they can access it the traditional way by going to cpsb.org. 

       This information provided by the district is what students should mainly focus on but if students would like to have an additional way to practice important skills, they may use www.Achieve3000.com

         Achieve3000.com is a website that will let them work on reading comprehension and their ability to answer questions and write at their individual level. Students should know their login to the website but if they have forgoten parents are welcome to email me in order to get their student's login.


    I can be contacted through email at elizabeth.birdlong@cpsb.org if there are any questions. 

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