• Parents and guardians of Oak Park Students who are on TAB:

    We are on the downward march of the school year and usually at this time students are getting restless and see the end of the school year drawing near.  We here at Oak Park are beginning the big push because testing is just around the corner.  Please help us by reminding your children that it is important that they attend and be attentive.  High stakes testing starts March 30 and goes through May 1.  Please keep in mind that every day is an important day to be in class, preparing for the tests that are coming.

    TAB is also continuing.  Students should be picking up their Check In Check Out Sheets every morning and turning them in to me on a daily basis.  Respectful behavior is still a requirement  while at Oak Park but especially be attentive and respectful in the class room.  If your child is struggling with non academic isssues occuring at school please have them contact me and we can work on coping skills.

    Please feel free to contact me, Lataine Fleming,  anytime.  All you have to do is call the school 337-217-4830 ext 6455.

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