• TEAMS in the "U"

    The University Program began our teams last year where all University Program students were placed on a team.  This team assignment will be with them until their graduation.  Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to earn points for their team which gives them an opportunity to earn rewards as a team.

    Our teams represent various parts of the world, but each team name translates into Engish as "To Thrive."  We want all of our University Program students to THRIVE in our program and not just merely SURVIVE.  We are proud of the many accomplishments made by our teams and individuals on each of those teams.

    BRILLA - "Spanish" - Represented by the panther

    EULU - "Hawaiian"  - Represented by the turtle

    KUSTAWI - "African" - Represented by the lion

    UMUNLAD - "Asian" - Represented by the bonsai tree

    We look forward to another upcoming year when our incoming 9th graders will be added to our teams and a new year of competition begins...