• The University Program Virtual Learning Information

    Updated:  September 23


    Full-Time Virtual Students


    Students who were scheduled to be virtual students for the Fall Semester will follow the Odysseyware Program as their mode of instruction.  The courses you will be responsible for are the classes that you would have taken had we begun our normal school year without the Hurricane Laura aftermath.


    If you have any questions regarding your Odysseyware courses, please contact Dr. DeVillier at doug.devillier@cpsb.org. 


    Face-to-Face Virtual Students


    Students who were scheduled to be face-to-face students for the Fall Semester will use Odysseyware as their main platform of learning if the course that they are taking is offered in Odysseyware.  Some of your University Program teachers will use BlackBoard as an additional resource for your class.  You will need to enroll in each of your assigned teacher's courses so that you can log into BlackBoard and see your courses.  When we return to face-to-face instruction, you will continue using resources found on the BlackBoard site in addition to the face-to-face instruction that you will receive.


    When you log into Odysseyware, you should be able to see the courses that you will be taking.  Odysseyware web address:  cpsb.owschools.com  Odysseyware Student Username will be your CPSB computer login:  first name initial + last name initial + student ID#  Odysseyware password will be your first and last name with no capital letters and no spaces or special characters.


     If you are taking a course that is not offered on Odysseyware (AP courses, for example), you will need to enroll in your teacher's BlackBoard site so that you can see the lessons that are being assigned.  

    It is important that you sign up for your teachers' BlackBoard pages so that you are able to access the necessary files for instruction.  In order to do this, you must log into BlackBoard and then search for individual teacher courses.  You should be able to self-enroll in each of the major courses taught by the University Program teachers.  NOTE:  If you take a teacher for two different classes, you need to enroll in the course ONLY ONCE.


    If you have any questions, please contact Dr. DeVillier at doug.devillier@cpsb.org


    Use the following information as a resource as you begin enrolling yourself into teacher courses:


    • Mr. Lee - Odysseyware:  English II & English IV  BlackBoard:  AP Psychology

    • Mrs. Willis - BlackBoard:  English III AP 

    • Mrs. Jacobson - Odysseyware:  Geometry and Algebra III

    • Mrs. Chafin - Odysseyware:  Algebra II   BlackBoard:  Computer Science AP classes

    • Mrs. Perron - Odysseyware:  Biology I   BlackBoard:  Environmental Science AP

    • Mr. Feduccia - Odysseyware:  Chemistry 

    • Ms. Thorne - Odysseyware:  9th Grade and 10th Grade US History

    • Dr. DeVillier - Odysseyware:  11th Grade US History